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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Real Error of Cyril Burt.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The German psychologist W. Stern argued that mental age should be ____________ by chronological age.
(a) divided
(b) multiplied
(c) subtracted
(d) added to

2. Franklin P. Mall __________ and __________ Bean's work.
(a) repeated, refuted
(b) understood, appreciated
(c) idolized, copied
(d) repeated, agreed with

3. According to Lombroso, the genes of the past are contained in the hereditary of the individual and the ___________ surfaces at times.
(a) playfulness
(b) behavior
(c) aggression towards women
(d) shyness

4. Gould felt that Eysenck's arguments are not based on ___________ facts.
(a) racial
(b) statistical
(c) measured
(d) realistic

5. H.H. Goddard was the first to do what with Binet's test?
(a) Bring it to America
(b) Use it on black children
(c) Follow all the rules
(d) Print it and turn it into a book

Short Answer Questions

1. Who believes blacks are inferior but that intelligence should not be tied to the right for freedom?

2. What does Socrates feel will happen when all people are intelligent?

3. Gould calls biological determinism a theory of _____________ that has had a profound effect on many people.

4. If inferiority is cultural, then it can be changed by __________ factors

5. Burt's papers and data were ____________, which seems to be when his falsifications began.

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