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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through American Polygeny and Craniometry before Darwin.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Socrates' friend does not believe his ideas, saying that it is a lie and that ________ generations won't believe it, but ________ generations might.
(a) poor, rich
(b) common, enlightened
(c) future, present
(d) present, future

2. Gould also wants to look for problems in the ___________ data.
(a) numerical
(b) gender
(c) philosophical
(d) racial

3. Which was the second-ranked race for the practitioners of racial ranking?
(a) Whites
(b) Blacks
(c) Chinese
(d) Indians

4. David Hume was a believer in the superiority of the _______ and polygeny.
(a) black race
(b) white female
(c) white child
(d) white race

5. Who was the data analyst for the answer to #55?
(a) Gould
(b) Morton
(c) No one
(d) Milton

Short Answer Questions

1. It is logical to assume that mentality and ____________ are located in the brain.

2. In America, the theory of polygeny was supported by Louis __________.

3. Gould says the manner in which ___________ are formulated is also problematic to studies.

4. The main question becomes, can ________ change the status of the inferior group?

5. What other kind of testing, besides head measurement, can begin to measure the intelligence of a person?

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