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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Measuring Bodies.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In America, the theory of polygeny was supported by Louis __________.
(a) Agassi
(b) Smith
(c) Hume
(d) Agassiz

2. Gould felt that Eysenck's arguments are not based on ___________ facts.
(a) realistic
(b) racial
(c) measured
(d) statistical

3. Science means looking for the ________ based on facts.
(a) truth
(b) answer
(c) reality
(d) theory

4. Where was Robert Bennett Bean a physician?
(a) Ohio
(b) Massachusetts
(c) Texas
(d) Virginia

5. Hume believed there was never a __________ nation that wasn't made of white men.
(a) productive
(b) useless
(c) conflict ridden
(d) civilized

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Socrates feel will happen when all people are intelligent?

2. Broca's numbers were based on his ______________, according to Gould.

3. What is the one category to which Socrates does NOT say people belong?

4. Havelock found that _________ males were more effeminate.

5. The author of "An American Dilemma" says that Americans and others would only consider the __________ factors when they were forced to.

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