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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Measuring Bodies.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who considered that other factors like general health and body size might also affect brain size?
(a) Franklin
(b) Blumenbach
(c) Broca
(d) Gratiolet

2. Within what century did science become fascinated with numbers?
(a) 20th
(b) 17th
(c) 19th
(d) 18th

3. According to Gould, science must be viewed in its ________ context since culture and environment also influence facts and theories.
(a) racial
(b) social
(c) biological
(d) ethnic

4. Franklin P. Mall __________ and __________ Bean's work.
(a) understood, appreciated
(b) repeated, refuted
(c) repeated, agreed with
(d) idolized, copied

5. "The __________ of inferior groups must be like __________ of superior groups..."
(a) adults, children
(b) children, adults
(c) children, children
(d) adults, adults

Short Answer Questions

1. E.D. Cope based his theory in #92 on the idea that the ____________ brought on earlier maturation.

2. Gould says the claims of inferiority are limited to ____________ even thought race, sex, and social class are tied together.

3. Paul Broca was a professor of surgery in what city?

4. If inferiority is cultural, then it can be changed by __________ factors

5. What did Galton measure in order to ascertain the intelligence of people?

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