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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Real Error of Cyril Burt.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Blumenbach believed differences in races might be linked to __________.
(a) DNA
(b) climate
(c) dood
(d) water supply

2. Who was the skull collector that had more than one thousand different skulls?
(a) Stephen Gould
(b) Samuel Morton
(c) Louis
(d) Benjamin Franklin

3. Who was the data analyst for the answer to #55?
(a) Gould
(b) No one
(c) Morton
(d) Milton

4. Black anatomical structure was often compared to that of a __________.
(a) horse
(b) donkey
(c) monkey
(d) dog

5. Havelock Ellis was a scientist who claimed the superiority of __________ during this period.
(a) women
(b) elderly people
(c) children
(d) men

Short Answer Questions

1. Which was the second-ranked race for the practitioners of racial ranking?

2. In a factor analysis graph, the two vectors lie ___________.

3. David Hume was a believer in the superiority of the _______ and polygeny.

4. The answer to #93 caused a slowdown in ____________, leading to inferiority.

5. Spearman also found there is a _______ substrate for intelligence except that this can be affected by outside factors.

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