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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Real Error of Cyril Burt.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The answer to #142 indicates how much of a change there is in one variable due to a change in __________.
(a) another variable
(b) the numbers
(c) the environment
(d) the weather

2. The main question becomes, can ________ change the status of the inferior group?
(a) education
(b) DNA
(c) medication
(d) environment

3. Louis Bolk felt blacks were not totally ___________.
(a) useful
(b) necessary
(c) pointless
(d) inept

4. The answer to #55 was known as a _________ because he looked for small differences between species.
(a) striker
(b) splitter
(c) species expert
(d) microcosm expert

5. Factor analysis was the _________ technique to be used in intelligence testing, even thought Burt went about it the wrong way.
(a) worst
(b) easiest
(c) best
(d) only

Short Answer Questions

1. Which was the second-ranked race for the practitioners of racial ranking?

2. Eysenck noticed that the average ________ of whites exceeds that of blacks.

3. Leaders of the eighteenth and nineteenth century did not dispute __________.

4. Which view was based on the idea that inferior races can not be linked to the whites because they started from a separate group of DNA and people?

5. The answer to #48 said that humans were distinguished from _________ by the human's ability to improve himself.

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