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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Real Error of Cyril Burt.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "s" was considered the product of _________ by both Spearman and Burt.
(a) understanding
(b) training
(c) imagination
(d) opportunity

2. One of the perceived problems of Lombroso's theory was the need to call _________ criminals.
(a) children
(b) women
(c) animals
(d) whites

3. Burt seemed to have increased his sample of patients from fewer then 20 to more than ________ in a number of publications. This irregularity began the undoing of his work's findings.
(a) 1000
(b) 150
(c) 50
(d) 100

4. The answer to #142 indicates how much of a change there is in one variable due to a change in __________.
(a) the numbers
(b) the environment
(c) the weather
(d) another variable

5. Louis Bolk felt blacks were not totally ___________.
(a) useful
(b) pointless
(c) inept
(d) necessary

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the nationality of H. J. Eysenck?

2. The answer to #48 also said that adult blacks were like _______________.

3. Which view was based on the story of Adam and Eve?

4. The field of ________ sciences was redefined during the 19th century.

5. Who was the data analyst for the answer to #55?

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