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Biological Determinism

This is the belief that intelligence can be accounted for by biology and that a particular group's fate is determined by biology.

Ancient Greece

The book opens with a scene from this place, with Plato giving his opinion about the nature-nurture question.


This country is the home of Gunnar Mrydal and the place where his studies took place. Mrydal was active in the biological determinism movement in the 1940's.

Harvard University

This school is where Louis Agassiz taught. Agassiz was the leading theorist of the American movement for polygenism.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This city is the home of Samuel George Morton who did empirical work on polygenism by measuring skulls in the mid-1800's.

Ellis Island

This place, in New York harbor, was a place of entry for immigrants. It was also a place where some immigrants were selected for intelligence testing in Goddard's study.

Paris, France

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