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• The book begins by talking about Socrates' Republic and the idea that all people should be educated.

• Socrates also said that people will be put into classes before they are born.

• The idea of biological determinism is introduced.

• The measurement of intelligence thus helps to determine a person's worth to society.

• This book will look at deterministic argument and the scientific weaknesses.

• Gould wishes to reanalyze the data that exist in previous intelligence studies to see if there were cultural influences which affects the results.

American Polygeny and Craniometry before Darwin

• Within this chapter is discussed the idea that one could rank an individual by the size of his/her brain.

• This has led to racial ranking with Indians and blacks being ranked lower than whites.

• Even Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson believed the black man was inferior.

• Two views developed - monogenism and polygenism - respectively...

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