Objects & Places from The Mezzanine: A Novel

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The Mezzanine

This is the location of Howie's office.

The Escalator

This is the place where Howie does the majority of his reflecting on life.

Howie's Office

This is where Howie's shoelace breaks.

Tina's Office

This is where Howie signs out for lunch.


This is where Howie knows how to navigate the layout of the place because he comes here so often.

The Men's Bathroom

This is where Howie picks up a tune to whistle.

Howie's Apartment

This is where Howie spends time with L.

The Plaza

This is where Howie reads and eats lunch.


A coincidence involving these becomes an obsession of Howie's for nearly the entirety of the book.


These cause Howie to consider outer space.

A Carton of Milk

Howie buys this from Papa Gino's.

Howie has this during his lunch break.


Howie is holding this as he...

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