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Essay Topic 1

Has Baker achieved a literary work of profound complexity or is "The Mezzanine" a trivial novel, completely lacking in plot? Explain your view based on evidence in the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Do you agree with Howie's premise that conceiving of the important can be accomplished by means of conceiving of the trivial. Is there a deeper profundity to his trivial thoughts?

Essay Topic 3

What profound insight does Howie achieve through his stream of consciousness while riding the subway? Could he have had this same insight without the constant stream of trivial thoughts? Is his realization truly profound, transcending the triviality of his mundane thoughts?

Essay Topic 4

What is the symbolic significance of the earplugs? Why does Howie feel compelled to spend an inordinate amount of time isolated within his mind?

Essay Topic 5

What larger point about society is Howie making in his comparison of CVS and...

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