The Mezzanine: A Novel Character Descriptions

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The book is focused on the thoughts and mundane experiences during this character's lunch hour.


This character sings and acts out when alone in elevators.


This character is the CVS attendant who helps the main character check out.


This character suggests CVS as a good place to get shoelaces.


This character has a back injury while moving a swimming pool.

The Maintenance Man

This character is cleaning the escalator during the lunch hour.

Dave, Sue and Steve

These characters interactions lead to torn shoelaces.


This character demonstrates impressive abilities in the bathroom.


This character takes his work very seriously.

Les Guster

This character brushes his teeth in the men's bathroom.

Howie's Mother

This character prohibits eating and reading at the same time.

Marcus Aurelius

This person possesses great virtue during a time of corruption.

Z. Czaplicki

This person researches shoelace tensile...

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