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Louis Menand
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dartmouth University started as an attempt to build a school for ____________.
(a) Native Americans.
(b) Mexican Americans.
(c) Irish Americans.
(d) Black Americans.

2. In the North, people were split between the Abolitionists and the _________.
(a) Unionists.
(b) Segregationists.
(c) Populists.
(d) Pro-slavery faction.

3. After the murder of ________ Emerson's distrust of the South grew as did his affiliation with the abolitionists.
(a) Phillips.
(b) James.
(c) Holmes Sr.
(d) Lovejoy.

4. Benjamin and Charles Pierce were called to verify the authenticity of a will document produced by __________.
(a) Isaac Howland Jr.
(b) Hetty Robinson.
(c) Sylvia Ann Howland.
(d) Edward Mott Robinson.

5. _________ believed there could be no individual without society.
(a) James Marsh.
(b) John Wheelock.
(c) John Locke.
(d) William James.

Short Answer Questions

1. ____________ lobbied Congress to help create a National Academy of Science.

2. _________ founded the Metaphysical Club in 1872 in Cambridge.

3. Charles Pierce wrote about the Metaphysical Club _______ years after it took place.

4. William James believed that there were always more solutions to a project than a single person could create, which led to the idea of ___________.

5. Whaling expeditions were often underwritten by agencies which were run by __________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Agassiz want to prove about the fish that James caught while traveling in Brazil?

2. How did the Abolitionists view the Unionists during the period of the Civil War?

3. What was based on a combination of the theory of probability and statistics?

4. Why did Marsh dislike the idea of liberal individualism when it was created by Locke?

5. Why did many people fear the idea of mathematical laws, such as the Law of Errors?

6. Why were many of Henry's writings published for the public to see in books and in newspapers?

7. What was Webster's argument in terms of the legal battle between the two Darmouths which arose?

8. How was is said that Swedenborn created his religion, later becoming a religious leader?

9. What are some examples of the ways that Ernest Holmes changed the tone of the Harvard Magazine as the editor?

10. Why did Charles Pierce decide he wanted to found the Metaphysical Club in 1872?

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