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Short Answer Questions

1. When Ricci was a missionary in 16th century China, what did the Jesuits allow the Chinese to believe instead of the doctrine the Chinese were not ready to understand?

2. What two moral extremes were seen in Rome during the mid-16th century?

3. What does the first picture depict in the series of prints that made up the third picture, "The Men of Sodom"?

4. According to "Chapter Five, The Second Picture: The Road to Emmaus", what did Ricci teach to the Chinese that he compared to branches of a stream?

5. At what was Ricci particularly adept during his studies in Rome during the Renaissance that helped him later with the Chinese?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to "Chapter Six, The Third Image: Profit and Harvest", what was the third Chinese character that Ricci use and what did he do with it?

2. Who were Ricci's first converts in China?

3. What was ironic about the death of Pope Paul IV in 1559?

4. Why did Ricci wish he had more money?

5. What did Ricci admire and appreciate in China?

6. According to "Chapter Six, The Third Image: Profit and Harvest", what were some of the gifts that Ricci was able to give the Chinese?

7. How did Ricci use this third picture in his work with the Chinese?

8. What was Ricci's attitude toward Buddhism?

9. What was happening to the commercial side of life at this time?

10. What did Ignatius Loyola encourage the Jesuits to publish in 1559.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Ricci's attitude towards money and the way his attitude reflected or disagreed with the Jesuit philosophy about money and profit.

Essay Topic 2

During the 16th century, the political life of Italy was unstable. Connected by a number of city-states, the country was constantly drawn into internal and external feuds, war and violence. Adding to the chaos was the powerful presence of the Catholic Church and the role of the pope. Taking into account his age, his family's position in the community, and his education, explain how these events influenced Matteo Ricci.

Essay Topic 3

China was a very isolated country during the life of Matteo Ricci and fought off outside influences. Discuss the reasons for the Chinese isolationism. Explain how China sought to keep Westerners out. Discuss the circumstances that brought about changes to this Chinese xenophobia.

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