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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Ricci became a missionary in China during the 16th century, who was the scholar from Shanghai that converted to Christianity?
(a) Qu Rukui.
(b) Cheng Dayou.
(c) Xu Guangqi.
(d) Li Zhizao.

2. When Ricci was a missionary in 16th century China, what did he place on the altar of the little Shaozhou Church?
(a) An oil painting of the Virgin Mary received from the Philippines.
(b) A relic of the cross received from the Pope in Rome.
(c) A statue of Buddha next to the Catholic cross.
(d) A painting of the Memory Palace drawn by a famous Chinese artist.

3. During the 16th century, why had Pope Paul IV given the Inquisitors in Spain great power?
(a) To seek revenge for the Crucifixion of Christ.
(b) To run out the disbelievers of the Catholic church.
(c) To raise the status of the clergy over the government.
(d) To vie with the King of Spain for political control.

4. During the 16th century, how did Yu Chunxi react to Ricci's criticism of the Buddhist belief that Ricci was particularly hostile?
(a) Yu Chunxi visited Ricci and debated the belief in front of a crowd of Buddhists and Chinese Christians.
(b) Yu Chunxi complained in a letter.
(c) Yu Chunxi encouraged a boycott of Ricci's church.
(d) Yu Chunxi sent soldiers to destroy the mission.

5. When Ricci became a missionary in China during the 16th century, what was he able to do in five months?
(a) Speak Chinese, Latin and Greek fluently.
(b) Memorize the first five books of the Bible.
(c) Memorize almost all Chinese idiographs.
(d) Complete his Jesuit curriculum.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where and when did the Jesuits publish their first book?

2. What was the meaning of the third idiograph chosen by Ricci?

3. According to "Chapter Eight, The Fourth Image: The Fourth Picture", what effect did Ricci's reflections on the Virgin Mary have on him?

4. During the Renaissance, what did some believe was the purpose of these groups in China that "pledged themselves to lives of heightened spiritual service"?

5. What was the state of Ricci's financial situation during most of his time in China?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Ricci wish he had more money?

2. What was Ricci's attitude toward Buddhism?

3. How did the Chinese receive the ideas of Western science?

4. According to "Chapter Six, The Third Image: Profit and Harvest", what were some of the gifts that Ricci was able to give the Chinese?

5. Where in the Memory Palace did Ricci place this last image?

6. What did the second picture depict?

7. According to "Chapter Eight, The Fourth Image: The Fourth Picture", what was the relationship between Matteo Ricci and Girolamo Costa?

8. Who were Ricci's first converts in China?

9. What was ironic about the death of Pope Paul IV in 1559?

10. What did Ignatius Loyola encourage the Jesuits to publish in 1559.

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