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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Four, The Second Image: The Huihui.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Ricci do to the first Chinese idiograph?
(a) Cut it into three different idiographs.
(b) Combined it with the idiograph for peace.
(c) Cut it diagonally.
(d) Cut it into four different idiographs.

2. In the 16th century, who provided funds to Christopher Plantin to write his Bible?
(a) King Phillip II of Spain.
(b) The people of Antwerp.
(c) King Henry VIII of England.
(d) Emperor Wanli of China.

3. According to "Chapter One: Building the Palace", which one of these does NOT describe Governor Lu?
(a) He was preparing his songs for their bureaucratic examinations.
(b) He was employed high in the Ming dynasty bureaucracy.
(c) He forbade the Chinese people to listen to Ricci.
(d) He was the head of one of the highest families in Chinese society.

4. What kind of map did Ricci draw in 1584?
(a) A world map with Chinese names for the countries of the world.
(b) A map of Europe with Chinese names.
(c) A map of the New World for Jesuit missionaries set to travel there.
(d) A map of the Chinese seas with Westernized names.

5. Who ruled China from 1573 to 1620, almost the entire time Ricci was there?
(a) Emperor Yu.
(b) Emperor Wanli.
(c) Emperor Zhuzong.
(d) Emperor Kwan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who defended the use of these mnemonic devices as part of the moral regulation of memory?

2. How did Ricci display his sense of ecumenism in China when he was a missionary?

3. Whom did Ricci meet in Lisbon, Portugal, who died without an heir?

4. How did Ricci change the meaning of the ideograph "yao"?

5. Who endangered marine trips during the 16th century in the Chinese seas?

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