Objects & Places from The Guns of August

Barbara W. Tuchman
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This proves to be an invaluable piece of the road to war in Europe. The various powers all juggle alliances, understandings, agreements, and threats until a complicated web has been created that needs a minor event to create a catastrophe.


This place lies on the borders of France and Germany and was the gateway for the German invasion of France.

Belgian Neutrality

This concept was key to sparking World War I, as it created a sense of inviolability to a nation created as a “buffer” state between France and Germany. Violating this concept also brought Great Britain into a war with the transgressors in defense of her ally.

Machine Guns

This deadly new tool was used by soldiers in World War I with deadly effect. It squashed the traditional concept of attacking an enemy in the open.


This deadly new tool was used by militaries...

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