The Guns of August Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Barbara W. Tuchman
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Essay Topic 1

The “Schlieffen Plan” was primarily aimed at knocking France out of a war before Russia could mobilize its armies to help. Explain how this plan became the obsessive focal point of all German plans before war began.

Essay Topic 2

Explain the various stages and evolution of the Schlieffen Plan as broken down in Chapter 2 (pages 20-21).

Essay Topic 3

Break down the idea of Clausewitz’s warning that “military plans which leave no room for the unexpected can lead to disaster” (26) in regards to the German obsession with planning every moment of their invasion down to the minutest detail.

Essay Topic 4

Explain why when Wilson asked Foch what the smallest British military force was that would be of assistance to the French, Foch answered: “A single British soldier–and we will see to it that he is killed” (49).

Essay Topic 5

Analyze why Russia “exercised a spell upon...

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