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David McCullough
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Short Answer Questions

1. What happened when Lillie Moulton attempted to get a passport in March of 1871?

2. What experience did Washburne have before being sent to Paris?

3. How high above New York Harbor does the torch on Lady Liberty stand?

4. Who marched into Paris on March 1, 1871?

5. In 1919, Gussie Saint-Gaudens had what turned into the Saint-Gaudens Memorial?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was among some Americans who returned to Paris after many years to reflect on the impact the city had on their lives and careers?

2. What was the Paris Commune? How was it connected to communism?

3. What is the Farragut? Who does it portray?

4. What was Augustus Saint-Gaudens' relationship to Davida Clark?

5. What were the terms of France's surrender to the Germans in 1871?

6. Who was Augusta Homer? Why did she live in Rome? Who did she meet there?

7. What impact did the Farragut have on Saint-Gaudens career?

8. What is considered Augustus Saint-Gaudens' greatest monument?

9. For what reason did Healy and his family choose to return to Paris in 1871?

10. For what reason did the French decide to commission the statue, Liberty Lighting the World, to make as a gift to America?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who was Samuel Morse? What ambitious project did he take on in regards to the Louvre? What did Morse want to do with his life? Why did he go to Paris? How did Paris influence Morse's work? Why did Morse represent the national character of America to Nathaniel Willis? Who often spent time with Morse at the Louvre? How did this friendship impact both men? Why did Morse eventually turn his attention to inventing? What did Morse invent? What impact did this invention have on Morse's life? What impact did this invention have on society as a whole?

Essay Topic 2

What impact did many Americans who had visited and perhaps received education in Paris have on America upon their return? How did Charles Sumner impact politics before and during the Civil War? How did Healy impact the art world with his works of art commissioned by King Louis-Phillipe? How were Cooper's novels impacted by his time in Paris? How did Morse's time in Paris impact his invention of the telegraph? How did the telegraph impact the world?

Essay Topic 3

Who was Elihu Washburne? What was his role in Paris? Why did Washburne not flee Paris along with other Americans before the Siege of Paris? How did Washburne help many Germans return to their country during the war? For what reason? How did Washburne arrange for the evacuation of many Americans from Paris in the days before the Siege of Paris began? How did the Siege of Paris impact Washburne's political career?

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