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David McCullough
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Short Answer Questions

1. How did John Singer Sargent pay his expenses early in his career?

2. Among the works Saint-Gaudens created during his final days in Paris, which portrayed a controversial Civil War figure still living who posed for several sittings for Saint-Gaudens to create a bust to help int he creation of a statue?

3. What social pastime did Augustus Saint-Gaudens greatly enjoy?

4. What happened to the government of France on April 4, 1871?

5. Whose work filled more than half of the American exhibit space in the Palais des Machines at the Exposition Universelle?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was Mary Cassatt's most loyal companion? How did she die? How did this impact Cassatt?

2. What made the Sargent portrait, Madame X, so controversial in its time?

3. What reasons did Augustus Saint-Gaudens give friends for not enlisting in the French military in 1870?

4. What were the terms of France's surrender to the Germans in 1871?

5. What was Augustus Saint-Gaudens' relationship to Davida Clark?

6. What caused some of the delays with Saint-Gaudens' creation of the Farragut?

7. What caused a second exodus out of Paris in 1871?

8. Who was among some Americans who returned to Paris after many years to reflect on the impact the city had on their lives and careers?

9. What accomplishment did Elihu Washburne's maternal grandfather complete that made Washburne's mother deeply proud of him?

10. What impact did the Farragut have on Saint-Gaudens career?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why did Americans want to go to Paris? Who was among the first Americans to travel to Paris in the 1830s? What was the main purpose for most of these people in the 1830s? What was the political atmosphere like in America during this time? How much influence did this have on the motives of those traveling to Paris? What was the trip to Paris like? What were some of the discomforts of this trip? What were some of the pleasures of this trip?

Essay Topic 2

What is the Ecole de Medicine? Why did many Americans chose to attend medical school in Paris? How did French medical training contrast with American medical training? How did medical protocols compare with American? Who were the teachers at the Ecole de Medicine? How did their techniques differ from what Americans had previously been taught?

Essay Topic 3

What illness did August Saint-Gaudens suffer later in his life? Why did this illness cause Saint-Gaudens to fall into a dark depression? On what works was Saint-Gaudens working at the time? Why did he insist they be bronzed in Paris? Where did Saint-Gaudens move in July of 1900? for what reason? With whom would Saint-Gaudens live out the rest of his life? What was the Paris Saint-Gaudens left behind like? What influence did Paris continue to have on Americans? What influence does Paris have on Americans now?

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