Objects & Places from The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris

David McCullough
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Paris, France

Thousands of young and talented artists and professionals left their homes in America and traveled here, where they studied under the masters in order to develop their talents and eventually return home to make America better.

École des Beaux-Arts

This, in Paris, France, was the the premier school of architecture in the world.

École de Medecine

This was a brand new medical school and the showpiece of French education.

The Louvre

This is the world-famous art museum located in Paris, France. Many of the young artists often visited here for inspiration.

The Telegraph

For the first forty plus years of his life, Samuel Morse worked at becoming an artist. His career never took off so he turned his attention to an invention with which he'd been tinkering for years. He finished the device which later changed history.

David Farragut Statue

August Saint-Gaudens first came to notice...

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