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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. If Americans miss opportunities for accomplishment, how do the authors say they are incorrectly viewing history?
(a) Inevitable decline.
(b) As inevitable progress.
(c) As unimportant.
(d) As inevitable decline.

2. In 1984, what happened to social structures of unity according to the authors?
(a) They had collapsed.
(b) They grew stronger.
(c) Artists began fixing them.
(d) They showed signs of weakness.

3. According to the authors, what did the 1773 Fourth Turning grow out of?
(a) An inability to find spies.
(b) A smoldering discontent.
(c) A need to protect the new country.
(d) A movement of breaking with family.

4. How do the authors suggest Americans prevent the Fourth Turning?
(a) Americans should engage in politics.
(b) Americans can rely on tradition.
(c) Americans should keep conflict to a minimum.
(d) Americans cannot prevent the Fourth Turning.

5. Why should Americans avoid being ideological according to the authors?
(a) No ideology helps the future.
(b) Ideological ideas never succeed.
(c) Ideological ideas are against God.
(d) No ideology is above the seasons.

Short Answer Questions

1. In preparation, how do the authors think Americans should solve local problems?

2. In preparation, how do the authors think parents should raise children?

3. What will the Fourth Turning signal, according to the authors?

4. Who often misses seasonal changes according to the authors?

5. According to the authors, how should Americans prepare for the next season, economically?

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