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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Americans all part of according to the authors?
(a) A vast reach of time.
(b) A hold on other countries.
(c) Inevitable decline.
(d) God.

2. In preparation for the Fourth Turning, what do the authors think Americans should do with institutions?
(a) Throw money at them.
(b) Experiment with them.
(c) Ignore them.
(d) Save them.

3. According to the authors, what do parents of Heroes do?
(a) Allow them to grow without traditional constraints.
(b) Discourage them from growing up and leaving home.
(c) Put them to work early in life.
(d) Protect them against social conflict.

4. How do crisis eras begin?
(a) With new presidents.
(b) With American disagreements with other countries.
(c) With catalysts.
(d) With the end of religion.

5. According to the authors, what do Awakenings embody?
(a) Strong extremes between cultural symbols.
(b) Strong family ties.
(c) Creations of beauty in architecture.
(d) Male and female role reversals.

6. By 1984, what were Americans cynical about according to the authors?
(a) Their backgrounds.
(b) Their institutions.
(c) Their construction methods.
(d) Their traveling habits.

7. If Americans engage in postseasonal behaviors, what do the authors say will happen?
(a) We will not understand our children.
(b) We will ruin new relationships.
(c) We will be unhappy.
(d) We will not save money.

8. Who often misses seasonal changes according to the authors?
(a) Police.
(b) Elders.
(c) Republicans and Democrats.
(d) Artists.

9. What brought out Americans' spiritual searching during the Second Turning according to the authors?
(a) Opposition to the Nixon Administration.
(b) Both Kennedy brothers' deaths.
(c) The Moon Landing and Woodstock.
(d) Racial inequality.

10. According to the authors, what did the 1929 Fourth Turning grow out of?
(a) The president's assassination.
(b) A materialistic 1920s.
(c) The demeaning attitudes of the majority.
(d) A keeping with customs.

11. What happens to Nomads during a Second Turning according to the authors?
(a) Others ignore them.
(b) They die.
(c) They become stronger.
(d) They gain money.

12. In preparation, how do the authors think parents should raise children?
(a) With extra care.
(b) Without spoiling them.
(c) With emotions disregarded.
(d) Without coddling them.

13. According to the authors, what do Heroes do during a Second Turning?
(a) Raise Artists.
(b) Create wealth.
(c) Forget their ambitions.
(d) Become elders.

14. Throughout the Unraveling, what does the Silent Generation prefer according to the authors?
(a) Loud parties.
(b) Honesty and tradition.
(c) Quiet retreats.
(d) A yuppie lifestyle.

15. In 1984, what was a part of American life according to the authors?
(a) The search for inner meaning.
(b) A perfect diet food.
(c) Television sitcoms that entertained.
(d) Fun and wearable clothes.

Short Answer Questions

1. By 1984, what had Boomers realized according to the authors?

2. What do Prophets do during a Fourth Turning according to the authors?

3. What should Americans avoid "today" according to the authors?

4. How do the authors end the book?

5. According to the authors, what might happen if Americans weather our Fourth Turning well?

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