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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do elders do in the general cycle of life according to the authors?
(a) Wield power.
(b) Raise children .
(c) Lead and transfer values.
(d) Look toward retirement.

2. What was the generational cycle of 1640?
(a) John Winthrop's Puritan Generation.
(b) The Queen's Educated Generation.
(c) Religious Reform Generation.
(d) King George's Tax Generation.

3. What did the Silent Generation wear?
(a) Expensive clothing.
(b) Loud colors and makeup.
(c) Gray flannel suit.
(d) Jeans.

4. How often does each saeculum in the United States last?
(a) A decade.
(b) 80-100 years.
(c) We don't know yet.
(d) 150-200 years.

5. What is a 'saeculum' according to the authors?
(a) The most recent cycle.
(b) The despair in communities.
(c) A utopia.
(d) A history that people ignore.

6. According to the authors, what have people sought to redefine in the last 150 years?
(a) The concept of the generation.
(b) Saving money for generations to come.
(c) The way the media reacts to generations.
(d) Family life and how to succeed while protecting it.

7. What do all major cultures acknowledge according to the authors?
(a) Religious historical cycles.
(b) Artistic influences.
(c) Transportation necessities.
(d) Educational needs.

8. What hit the Lost Generation hard?
(a) A lack of education.
(b) Two world wars and the Great Depression.
(c) New expectations.
(d) Aging too quickly.

9. What is the authors' fear as the book opens?
(a) Americans will not vote.
(b) The country is unraveling.
(c) History is being rewritten.
(d) People will not seriously read the book.

10. How do many historians record cycles?
(a) Birth records.
(b) War.
(c) Depressions.
(d) Revitalizations

11. What was the generational cycle of 1600?
(a) Shakespeare's Elizabethan Generation.
(b) Wheatley's Philosophical Generation.
(c) Religious and Arts Appreciation Generation.
(d) Roman Countrymen Generation.

12. What happens during a second turning?
(a) Elder prophets die.
(b) Heroes are young adults.
(c) Nomads are born.
(d) Artists become elders.

13. When was the Silent Generation born?
(a) 50s and 60s.
(b) The 30s and 40s.
(c) 40s adn 50s.
(d) Present day.

14. What happens to the New Prophets during the First Turning?
(a) New Prophets gain money.
(b) New Prophets head to the job market.
(c) New Prophets head to college.
(d) New Prophets are born.

15. What was the generational cycle of 1790?
(a) John Wesley's Methodist Generation.
(b) George Whitefield's Writing Generation.
(c) Thomas Jefferson's Republican Generation.
(d) The Pre-Civil War Generation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens during the fourth tide?

2. What did the Etruscans know?

3. What were Jefferson and Reagan considered?

4. What will happen with a revolutionary change?

5. What influences Americans' view of the First Turning according to the authors?

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