Daily Lessons for Teaching The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy

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Objective: Chapter 1, Winter Comes Again The authors introduce the book with four seasons. These four seasons are the foundation for much of the book. Students will map out the four seasons or components using graphic organizers.

1) Group work: Give each group a graphic organizer and assign each group a season. Groups should sort information into different components: people's behavior, politics, economy, values and technology. They should describe each component during their assigned turning as an overall picture. They should brainstorm about their assigned Turning and not specific Turnings.

2) Class discussion: It may help if the class makes columns for each Turning as they discuss. What is typical behavior for the First Turning? Why is this necessary for our country? What purpose does the First Turning serve? Is it an exciting time? How do people behave during a First Turning? What do they value? What kind of politicians...

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