The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1, Winter Comes Again

* The authors begin the book by promising to turn history into prophesy.

* It sets forth that American history is cyclical, coming in four seasons or periods.

* The authors assert that the First Turning is a 'high'; the Second Turning is an 'awakening'; the Third Turning is an 'unraveling'; and the Fourth Turning is a 'crisis.'

* According to the authors, the most recent of these turnings is: the First Turning is located in the post-World-War II period; the Second Turning was the 'consciousness revolution' and 'tax revolts'; the Third Turning is the current 'culture wars.' The Fourth Turning is coming.

* The authors think we have lost the proper philosophy of time.

* We are currently looking towards another generation.

Chapter 2, Seasons of Time

* Seasons of time shows cycles of history as the authors present information.

* Americans might learn about their futures if they paid...

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