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David Eagleman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pantheon: How do the different gods interact with each other?
(a) They do not realize the other gods exist.
(b) They take sides with the main god or against him.
(c) They love each other.
(d) There is bitter competition.

2. Ineffable: What happens to the people in a play when the play dies?
(a) They forget about the play.
(b) They go to the afterlife with the play.
(c) They don't go to an afterlife until they die.
(d) They get stuck in the life cycle of the play.

3. Impulse: Who are the "gods" in this afterlife?
(a) Game players.
(b) Three computer programmers.
(c) Humans.
(d) Animals.

4. Pantheon: Who are the only beings these gods can empathize with?
(a) Dogs.
(b) Humans.
(c) Cows.
(d) Angels.

5. Search: Who do your cells belong to once they have moved away?
(a) They still belong to you.
(b) They belong to the universe.
(c) They belong to a new entity.
(d) They belong to god.

6. Prism: What do people realize about their different ages while in this afterlife?
(a) That being younger was better.
(b) That being older was better.
(c) That some ages were better than others.
(d) That no one age represents who they were.

7. Impulse: Why do humans have an emotional yearning for companionship?
(a) People want to have friends.
(b) They long to be seperate from the computer.
(c) They are created in the image of the programmers.
(d) It is the result of a rogue algorithm.

8. Graveyard of the Gods: What else finds its way to the afterlife?
(a) Oceans and rivers.
(b) God's brothers and sisters.
(c) The things man has created.
(d) The devil.

9. Pantheon: Each God in this story rules over _________________.
(a) A separate category.
(b) Life forms.
(c) Household items.
(d) Spoons.

10. Seed: How did God get lucky in his placement of the earth?
(a) He placed it too close to the sun.
(b) He placed it in an area with two suns.
(c) He placed it too far from the sun.
(d) He placed it at just the right distance from the sun.

11. Blueprints: Who gives out the gift of revelation in this afterlife?
(a) The Rewarders.
(b) The VIPs.
(c) The angels.
(d) The gods.

12. Conservation: Why do things change in this afterlife?
(a) The quark needs to conserve energy.
(b) The quark explodes.
(c) God changes the design of the universe.
(d) People are not happy there.

13. Reversal: How does everyone feel about his/her second life?
(a) They have great expectations of their second life.
(b) They dread their second life.
(c) They are nervous of their second life.
(d) They are suspicious of their second chance at life.

14. Encore: The Creators only create, they do not __________________.
(a) Participate.
(b) Destroy.
(c) Enjoy.
(d) Judge.

15. Reversal: What happens to everyone who dies?
(a) They become insects.
(b) They live in a movie theater.
(c) They will live again.
(d) They go to the afterlife.

Short Answer Questions

1. Encore: How do the Creators try to create you in the afterlife?

2. Seed: How did God come to create man?

3. Ineffable: What happens to a play or a conflict when it ends?

4. Pantheon: How do the gods feel about people?

5. Will-o-the-Wisp: What eventually happens to people in the lounge?

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