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David Eagleman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pantheon: Who are the only beings these gods can empathize with?
(a) Cows.
(b) Dogs.
(c) Angels.
(d) Humans.

2. Blueprints: What do the Punishers use the code for?
(a) To reduce the pleasures of life.
(b) To show people that others think poorly of them.
(c) To make people depressed and unhappy.
(d) To create bad things in life.

3. Reversal: What happens to everyone who dies?
(a) They go to the afterlife.
(b) They will live again.
(c) They live in a movie theater.
(d) They become insects.

4. Subjunctive: What are people confronted with here?
(a) A panel of judges.
(b) Different versions of themselves.
(c) Gods from all over the world.
(d) The people they bullied in life.

5. Impulse: In this story, people are the same as?
(a) Computer chips.
(b) Pets.
(c) Computers.
(d) Animals.

6. Microbe: What does God think about man?
(a) God hates man.
(b) God thinks man is a miracle.
(c) God doesn't realize man exists.
(d) God loves man.

7. Blueprints: What are people given the opportunity to view in this afterlife?
(a) Their funerals.
(b) The underlying code.
(c) The Book of Truth.
(d) Their friend's lives.

8. Reversal: What will happen when the universe begins to contract?
(a) Time will cease to exist.
(b) Time will expand.
(c) Time will go backwards.
(d) Time will stand still.

9. Death Watch: How did some people use the switch?
(a) To kill other people.
(b) To make it look like they were alive after they died.
(c) To make it look like they were dead.
(d) To reset their computers.

10. Incentive: Who are some of the people in your life?
(a) Actors.
(b) Lost souls.
(c) Demons.
(d) Angels.

11. Will-o-the-Wisp: What is in the lounge in this afterlife?
(a) Large TVs.
(b) A dance floor.
(c) Monitors trained on earth.
(d) A DJ.

12. Ineffable: What happens to the people in a play when the play dies?
(a) They go to the afterlife with the play.
(b) They don't go to an afterlife until they die.
(c) They forget about the play.
(d) They get stuck in the life cycle of the play.

13. Graveyard of the Gods: What populates this afterlife?
(a) Ghosts and spirits.
(b) Only humans.
(c) Angels and demons.
(d) Every species of animal and insect.

14. Blueprints: Who gives out the gift of revelation in this afterlife?
(a) The VIPs.
(b) The Rewarders.
(c) The angels.
(d) The gods.

15. Seed: How does God behave in the afterlife?
(a) He is aloof.
(b) He throws parties all the time.
(c) He spends time with humans.
(d) He is isolated.

Short Answer Questions

1. Absence: What is happening now that God is gone?

2. Ineffable: What happens to a play or a conflict when it ends?

3. Subjunctive: What are people judged on in this afterlife?

4. Impulse: What is the afterlife like for humans?

5. Quantum: People in this afterlife live __________________.

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