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David Eagleman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Perpetuity: What does God hope will happen to the sinners?
(a) They will become as miserable as he is.
(b) They will see the error of their ways.
(c) They will be happy forever.
(d) They will become Gladiators.

2. Giantess: What does the man think about communicating with the Giantess?
(a) It is the purpose of existance.
(b) It is difficult, but worth it.
(c) It is the best way to influence the weather.
(d) It is meaningless.

3. Reins: Who runs this afterlife?
(a) A committee.
(b) A married couple.
(c) The angels.
(d) God.

4. Egalitaire: How does this god deal with Hell?
(a) This god segregates hell according to sin classifications.
(b) A hell was never created for this afterlife.
(c) This god fires the devil and shuts down Hell.
(d) This god creates different hells for different people.

5. Egalitaire: This god realized that a person:
(a) Can be run by computer program.
(b) Is a waste of time.
(c) Could be good or bad.
(d) Is never happy with what they have.

6. Adhesion: What do the creators of this afterlife want to understand?
(a) Human relationships.
(b) Human violence.
(c) The universe.
(d) Glue.

7. Egalitaire: This god is very unusual because he/she is:
(a) Sensitive.
(b) Angry.
(c) Silly.
(d) Vengeful.

8. Scales: What are humans in this afterlife?
(a) God's children.
(b) God's friends.
(c) God's eyes.
(d) God's organs.

9. Oz: Who has the opportunity to meet the Creator in this afterlife?
(a) The most courageous people.
(b) The most righteous people.
(c) The youngest people.
(d) The saddest people.

10. The Unnatural: What happens to you at the end of the story?
(a) You are murdered.
(b) You kill yourself.
(c) You are cannonized.
(d) You are considered a hero.

11. Sum: In this afterlife a person's life is:
(a) Relived from bad to good.
(b) Relived from good to bad.
(c) Reviewed from beginning to end.
(d) Grouped together according to activity.

12. Mirrors: What causes the final death in this afterlife?
(a) The person seeing that his/her life is over.
(b) The person seeing all his/her flaws.
(c) The person accepting his/her faults.
(d) God calling the person's name.

13. Giantess: What does this afterlife focus on?
(a) Peace.
(b) Softness.
(c) Sadness.
(d) Fear.

14. Oz: What do those in the afterlife think about the Creator?
(a) That he is nice.
(b) That he will be loving.
(c) That he is terrifying.
(d) That he will be all knowing.

15. Oz: What does the Creator really look like?
(a) A giant head.
(b) A yellow curtain.
(c) An old, bald man.
(d) An old, bald woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Unnatural: What did you try to do before in this afterlife?

2. Angst: What do most in the afterlife choose to do on their vacation?

3. Angst: What is man's job in the afterlife?

4. Descent of Species: What is the hero's last thought as a human?

5. Mary: Who is Mary?

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