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David Eagleman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 29 through 32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Microbe: What is God?
(a) A cell.
(b) A fat man.
(c) A microbe the size of bacterium.
(d) A dead body.

2. Prism: How does God solve his problem?
(a) He creates all people at the same weight.
(b) He allows people to be all ages at once.
(c) He allows people to all be the same height.
(d) He creates all people with the same intelligence.

3. Absence: What is happening now that God is gone?
(a) Satan is taking over governance.
(b) People have stopped coming to heaven.
(c) Wars are breaking out in the afterlife.
(d) The angels are beginning to leave the afterlife.

4. Microbe: What is unique about this afterlife?
(a) Death happens in three stages.
(b) There is no afterlife.
(c) People don't know they are dead.
(d) It is in the suburbs.

5. Spirals: What is unique about God in this afterlife?
(a) God is a species of large creatures.
(b) God is a married couple.
(c) God is a giant.
(d) God is a species of small creatures.

Short Answer Questions

1. Metamorphosis: What do the people awaiting the Caller become?

2. Quantum: People in this afterlife live __________________.

3. Missing: Where did God learn about divorce and marital separation?

4. Absence: What do the angels look like in this afterlife?

5. Great Expectations: People in this afterlife can?

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