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David Eagleman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 25 through 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Reins: Who runs this afterlife?
(a) God.
(b) A committee.
(c) The angels.
(d) A married couple.

2. Mirrors: What causes the final death in this afterlife?
(a) God calling the person's name.
(b) The person accepting his/her faults.
(c) The person seeing all his/her flaws.
(d) The person seeing that his/her life is over.

3. Giantess: What is the princely looking man?
(a) An alien.
(b) A god.
(c) An angel.
(d) A dead person.

4. Distance: What is each person allowed to do when arriving in the afterlife?
(a) Ask God a question.
(b) View their life.
(c) Change clothes.
(d) Talk to a friend.

5. Reins: Why did the angels sew discord against God?
(a) They wanted to take over hell.
(b) They didn't like the way God ran things.
(c) They were bored.
(d) They said God took credit for their work.

Short Answer Questions

1. Missing: What was created while the God couple was at war?

2. Absence: What do the angels look like in this afterlife?

3. Giantess: What does the Giantess consist of?

4. Encore: The Creators only create, they do not __________________.

5. Ineffable: What happens to a play or a conflict when it ends?

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