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David Eagleman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 25 through 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Encore: How do the Creators try to create you in the afterlife?
(a) Exactly as you were in life.
(b) As your opposite sex counterpart.
(c) Better than you ever were.
(d) In their image.

2. Sum: Once you make it through the pain segment of your remembered life:
(a) You are pain free forever.
(b) You are allowed to forget it all.
(c) You must make restitution for your wrongs.
(d) You must relive each moment three times.

3. Prism: What do people realize about their different ages while in this afterlife?
(a) That being older was better.
(b) That some ages were better than others.
(c) That no one age represents who they were.
(d) That being younger was better.

4. Perpetuity: Where do sinners wake up in this afterlife?
(a) In their homes.
(b) They do not wake up.
(c) In the suburbs.
(d) In a large crowd.

5. Ineffable: What happens to the cells in a body when a person dies?
(a) They die with the body.
(b) They are given to another person.
(c) They shut down.
(d) They go to their own afterlife.

Short Answer Questions

1. Missing: How does God feel about mankind?

2. Descent of Species: What will happen if a person dies as a horse?

3. Angst: What happens to humans after they die?

4. Angst: How often do those in the afterlife get a vacation from their job?

5. Egalitaire: This god is very unusual because he/she is:

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