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David Eagleman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13 through 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Adhesion: What happens to people when they die?
(a) They turn into horses.
(b) They become Creators.
(c) They are interrogated by a board.
(d) They become Collectors.

2. Descent of Species: What will happen if a person dies as a horse?
(a) He/she will be taken to the glue factory.
(b) He/she will be forced into another animal form next time.
(c) He/she will not be able to reincarnate again.
(d) He/she will not be able to wish to be human again.

3. Sum: In this afterlife a person's life is:
(a) Relived from bad to good.
(b) Relived from good to bad.
(c) Grouped together according to activity.
(d) Reviewed from beginning to end.

4. Descent of Species: What is the hero's last thought as a human?
(a) How to make the transformation stop.
(b) What will happen if there is no hay.
(c) What alien had wanted to be human.
(d) That humans are the highest form of life.

5. Adhesion: Who made humans in this story?
(a) Machines.
(b) Collectors.
(c) Other humans.
(d) Creators.

Short Answer Questions

1. Descent of Species: What does the hero of this story turn into?

2. Adhesion: What do the creators of this afterlife want to understand?

3. Mirrors: Where is a person when he/she wakes up in death for the first time?

4. Metamorphosis: What is the final death?

5. Giantess: What does the Giantess consist of?

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