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David Eagleman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13 through 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Adhesion: What happens to people when they die?
(a) They become Collectors.
(b) They are interrogated by a board.
(c) They turn into horses.
(d) They become Creators.

2. Spirals: What is unique about God in this afterlife?
(a) God is a species of small creatures.
(b) God is a married couple.
(c) God is a species of large creatures.
(d) God is a giant.

3. Missing: What was created while the God couple was at war?
(a) Heaven and hell.
(b) Man and woman.
(c) Separate solar systems.
(d) Divorce and separation.

4. Descent of Species: What are you able to choose in this afterlife?
(a) Who you want to hang out with.
(b) What you want to be in the next life.
(c) How you want to spend your time.
(d) Which parts of your life you want to relive.

5. Mirrors: What causes the final death in this afterlife?
(a) God calling the person's name.
(b) The person accepting his/her faults.
(c) The person seeing all his/her flaws.
(d) The person seeing that his/her life is over.

Short Answer Questions

1. Metamorphosis: How many deaths are in this story?

2. Mirrors: Where is a person when he/she wakes up in death for the first time?

3. Metamorphosis: Why do many famous people stay in the waiting room?

4. Metamorphosis: What do the people awaiting the Caller become?

5. Oz: What does the Creator look like at first?

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