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David Eagleman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 37 through 40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Subjunctive: What are people judged on in this afterlife?
(a) What they did to others.
(b) What they could have been.
(c) How they compare to others.
(d) How they treated animals.

2. Spirals: What is unique about God in this afterlife?
(a) God is a married couple.
(b) God is a giant.
(c) God is a species of small creatures.
(d) God is a species of large creatures.

3. Pantheon: How do the different gods interact with each other?
(a) They take sides with the main god or against him.
(b) There is bitter competition.
(c) They love each other.
(d) They do not realize the other gods exist.

4. Circle of Friends: What do you begin to long for in this afterlife?
(a) Your old life.
(b) The people you knew and loved.
(c) Peace and quite.
(d) New experiences and people.

5. Descent of Species: What are you able to choose in this afterlife?
(a) Which parts of your life you want to relive.
(b) What you want to be in the next life.
(c) Who you want to hang out with.
(d) How you want to spend your time.

Short Answer Questions

1. Metamorphosis: What is the final death?

2. Oz: What does the Creator really look like?

3. Egalitaire: This god is:

4. Conservation: What state does the afterlife drift into?

5. Graveyard of the Gods: What else finds its way to the afterlife?

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