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David Eagleman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 29 through 32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Quantum: What does the angel notice about the people in this afterlife?
(a) They are confused.
(b) They are always angry.
(c) They are happy.
(d) They are dying.

2. Quantum: What are people in this afterlife able to enjoy?
(a) All things at once.
(b) As much candy and soda as they want.
(c) One life at a time.
(d) Each moment in sequential order.

3. Spirals: What do the creatures think about humans?
(a) That they have answers, but won't tell them because they are mean.
(b) That they are too dumb to have answers.
(c) That they have answers, but can't tell them.
(d) That they are failures.

4. Reins: Why did God begin to lose control of the afterlife?
(a) The population was too large.
(b) He was bored with his job.
(c) People didn't believe in him.
(d) The angels set him up.

5. The Unnatural: What can a person change in this afterlife?
(a) One thing about his/her life.
(b) Where he/she goes in the afterlife.
(c) Who his/her friends are.
(d) Their looks.

Short Answer Questions

1. Missing: How does God feel about mankind?

2. Distance: Why does God keep his distance from man?

3. Perpetuity: Where do sinners wake up in this afterlife?

4. Reins: Why did the angels sew discord against God?

5. Missing: What was created while the God couple was at war?

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