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David Eagleman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 29 through 32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Perpetuity: What is God like in this afterlife?
(a) A wise woman.
(b) A bored sinner.
(c) A jolly elf.
(d) A happy old man.

2. Spirals: Why did the creatures create humans?
(a) To help figure out why the creatures existed.
(b) To help run the afterlife.
(c) To take care of them when they grew old.
(d) They were lonely.

3. Pantheon: Each God in this story rules over _________________.
(a) Life forms.
(b) A separate category.
(c) Household items.
(d) Spoons.

4. Quantum: What type of scenario causes mixed signals for people?
(a) When people are outside in the country.
(b) When people are inside a house.
(c) When people are in a room with a lover.
(d) When people are in a room with god.

5. Conservation: What happens to the afterlife in this story?
(a) It pauses while the quark rests.
(b) It splits into two different afterlives.
(c) It does not change.
(d) It ceases to exist while the quark rests.

Short Answer Questions

1. Missing: Where did God learn about divorce and marital separation?

2. The Unnatural: What did you try to do before in this afterlife?

3. The Unnatural: Who is the last person to ever die in your new life?

4. Conservation: This universe was created by ________________.

5. Impulse: Who are the "gods" in this afterlife?

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