Subterranean Fun Activities

James Rollins
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Mimi'swee Dream Land

To raise money for science, the heri'huti will invade your dreams and give you a real dreaming experience. Do a write up on what is offered and what the money goes toward. Give them a catchy slogan to go with the new business.

Mimi'Swee Invasion

The mimi'swee already know how to play the drums; now they are getting cool threads and learning the guitar. Give the band a name and show off their new c.d. and what their songs are called.

Power Ballad

Create a song based on the events in "Subterranean". Play it for the class.

Mimi'swee Vacations

You can go for a vacation in the mimi'swee village. Create a brochure for the vacation hot spot, sights to see, and what can be experienced while you are there.

Going Green Mimi'swee

Everyone is going green. Create a going green plan based on what...

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