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Eric Jerome Dickey
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Carlton's disappearance?
(a) A hurricane.
(b) A tornado.
(c) An earthquake.
(d) An aftershock.

2. Which part of Pops's body looks like jungle weeds?
(a) His beard.
(b) His chest hair.
(c) His badly dyed head of hair.
(d) His cheap toupee.

3. Which song is Raymond to sing in church?
(a) Amazing Grace.
(b) The Macarena.
(c) Hallelujah.
(d) What a Wonderful World.

4. Who is out on the street in front of Valerie's?
(a) The neighbors.
(b) The Jackson Five.
(c) A group of lepers.
(d) The Manson family.

5. Why does Daniel have so little furniture?
(a) He has sold it all.
(b) He was robbed.
(c) There was a fire in his apartment.
(d) His ex-wife took all the furniture.

6. What does Chiquita know about men?
(a) Their worst habit.
(b) Their favorite meal.
(c) Their physical strength.
(d) Their weakness.

7. Which part of the south is Chiquita from?
(a) Mississippi.
(b) Georgia.
(c) Tennessee.
(d) Alabama.

8. What type of hat is Inda's father wearing?
(a) A cowboy hat.
(b) A baseball cap.
(c) A fedora.
(d) A poker visor.

9. What happened to Inda on the way to the 7-Eleven on Willow and Pacific?
(a) She was honked at by passing cars.
(b) One of her high heels broke.
(c) She was propositioned.
(d) It rained.

10. What impression does the old man give of Chiquita's mother's house?
(a) It is the most important thing on the block.
(b) It should be filled with broken glasses and rubbish.
(c) He does not care about it at all.
(d) It is an empty lot.

11. What has Chiquita never talked about?
(a) Her fear of flying.
(b) The time she got pregnant.
(c) Her family.
(d) Her first sexual experience.

12. What happened to Tommy?
(a) He is in prison.
(b) He moved to New York.
(c) He ran away after hearing about the pregnancy.
(d) He died in a car accident.

13. What kind of work meeting does Valerie have on the weekend?
(a) Alliance dissolution.
(b) Anger management.
(c) Crisis resolution.
(d) Performance appraisal.

14. How is freeway driving like Inda's life?
(a) They both have too much traffic.
(b) They are both relatively straightforward.
(c) They are both made from concrete.
(d) They are both mazes.

15. What angered Chiquita about her mother's address?
(a) The neighborhood is boring.
(b) It was the wrong address.
(c) They both lived in the same city.
(d) It is expensive to buy a flight there.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Inda think that Chiquita had a good experience?

2. What happens to Gwen?

3. Who does Inda mistakenly believe is a white band?

4. What makes Inda's mind go blank?

5. Which item of Daniel's furniture does Valerie feel is waiting for her?

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