Objects & Places from Sister, Sister

Eric Jerome Dickey
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This state is the main setting of the novel, tends to have a warm climate, and is known for an earthquake or two.

Los Angeles

This place is a sprawling city with many colors and ethnicities while also being home to the AME Church.

San Diego

This city on the Mexican border apparently does not have many sales jobs.

Diamond Bar

This city in California shares its name with an expensive stone.


This hotel has a nightclub offering jazz music, dancing, and is where Valerie first meets Daniel.

Shoreline Village

This spot is both a boardwalk and beach while being the place that Inda first meets Michael.

Long Beach

This place has salty, crispy fresh ocean air and apparently has a worse police department than the LAPD.


This southern city is where Martin Luther King was assassinated.


This place is opposite a hot new...

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