Sister, Sister Character Descriptions

Eric Jerome Dickey
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Valerie Sinclair

This character is loyal and loving, and finds it hard to let go of their feelings and move on. This character is rarely ever in trouble, and is not very confident.


This character is scared of being hurt and gives too much power to the past. This character is also a good friend, and finds comfort in the company of strangers.


This character is intelligent and has a very outgoing personality and attitude. While this character is not very patient, he or she would do anything for family.

Walter Sinclair

This character is attractive, and excels at work, but takes other people for granted.

Daniel Madison

This character is athletic and polite. This character is philosophical about the past, and has a very likeable personality.


This character is not very honest and is quite good at juggling many different relationships.

Michael Wiley


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