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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kate think will be her father's reaction when he hears the whole story?
(a) That he won't believe a word of it.
(b) That he will laugh Marlow out of his resolve to leave.
(c) That he will be furious with Tony and Hastings.
(d) That he will have a heart attack and die.

2. Why are Hardcastle and Sir Charles amazed at Marlow's quick departure?
(a) What he says does not match up with what Kate told her father.
(b) They think he is too sensitive to the joke that was played on him.
(c) They do not understand what he says about Kate.
(d) They cannot believe young Marlow actually saw Kate.

3. What does the letter from Sir Charles Marlow indicate?
(a) That he is too busy to come to Liberty Hall.
(b) That he is coming to Hardcastle's house.
(c) That he wants to meet Kate.
(d) That he cannot believe reports about his son.

4. What time-consuming action had Tony taken on the ride?
(a) Slowed the horses down to a walk.
(b) Getting stuck in ponds ending up in the horsepond behind the garden.
(c) Stopped frequently to ask directions.
(d) Tied up Mrs. Hardcastle and put a gag in her mouth.

5. How does Kate as the barmaid rebuff Marlow.
(a) By saying that she sees Miss Hardcastle coming.
(b) By telling him how she thinks he acted with Miss Hardcastle exactly like it happened.
(c) By telling him she hears the servant bell ringing for her.
(d) By saying she will scream if he tries to touch her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is in the letter?

2. When Hardcastle runs into Marlow, why is he upset?

3. When Kate arrives, how does her testimony conflict with young Marlow's?

4. What does Mrs. Hardcastle think when she catches Tony and Constance together?

5. What does Kate say to herself about Marlow.

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mrs. Hardcastle react when she reads the real note?

2. When Marlow speaks again to Kate, how does he behave?

3. Outside in the back of the garden, what surprise does Hasting get when he meets Tony there?

4. What argument does Kate use to calm her father down.

5. While the three of them--Mrs. Hardcastle, Tony, and Constance--are talking, what is the unexpected turn of events?

6. What transpires between Mr. Hardcastle and Tony in the dark?

7. When Constance cannot think of any more to read from the note, she crumples it up and hands it back to Tony. Why does he hand it back to his mother?

8. What is young Marlow's purpose in seeking out Mr. Hardcastle before he leaves the house?

9. Explain how Constance knows Sir Charles is coming for a visit and Hastings' reaction to the news.

10. Why have Marlow's servants all gotten drunk to the great displeasure of Mr. Hardcastle?

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