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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Hastings accuses Marlow of planning to rob the barmaid of her honor, what does Marlow reply?
(a) You can't rob something that is freely given.
(b) There is nothing in this house I do not intend to pay for.
(c) He will marry her if she gets pregnant.
(d) Pshaw, you know barmaids don't worry about honor.

2. What does Tony say to Constance about the jewels now back with his mother.
(a) That his mother will force them to marry now that she has the jewels.
(b) That he doesn't know where she has put them this time.
(c) That she can steal them this time.
(d) That Hastings will have to steal them again.

3. How does Kate as the barmaid rebuff Marlow.
(a) By saying she will scream if he tries to touch her.
(b) By saying that she sees Miss Hardcastle coming.
(c) By telling him how she thinks he acted with Miss Hardcastle exactly like it happened.
(d) By telling him she hears the servant bell ringing for her.

4. What does Tony suggest to Hastings?
(a) Get his horses, go to the pond for Constance, and ride away.
(b) Go and bargain with Mrs. Hardcastle or you will leave her in the pond.
(c) Wait until Mrs. Hardcastle falls alseep from exhaustion and then get Constance.
(d) Go collect Constance and bring Mr. Hardcastle along.

5. What does Marlow tell Hardcastle about his servants.
(a) They are under his orders to drink as much as they can.
(b) They are just playing drunk for some fun.
(c) They are his father's servants and he cannot control them.
(d) He will discipline them harshly.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Marlow runs from the room, how does Hardcastle confront his daughter.

2. What does Mrs. Hardcastle not recognize as Tony and Constance banter back and forth?

3. How does Marlow say he saw Kate?

4. What does Mrs. Hardcastle promise to give Constance right away?

5. What information does Hastings' servant give him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Constance knows Sir Charles is coming for a visit and Hastings' reaction to the news.

2. After Marlow leaves and Kate enters the room, what is the conversation she has with the two gentlemen?

3. How does Kate discover the misunderstanding that has been going on in the house?

4. How does Mr. Hardcastle react to seeing Marlow holding his daughter's hand?

5. What is young Marlow's purpose in seeking out Mr. Hardcastle before he leaves the house?

6. What transpires between Mr. Hardcastle and Tony in the dark?

7. Describe the conflict between Constance and Tony now that Mrs. Hardcastle has the jewels back?

8. How does Constance attempt to stop Mrs. Hardcastle from reading the note?

9. What immediate plans do Hastings and Constance make after he tells her Tony has given him the jewels?

10. What argument does Kate use to calm her father down.

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