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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kate propose that her father and Sir Charles do?
(a) Insist on a meeting with the four of them.
(b) Talk to her maid who overheard everything.
(c) Hide behind a screen while she meets with Marlow.
(d) Threaten Marlow with a whip if he does not tell the truth.

2. Why does Mr. Hardcastle not go back into the house?
(a) He hasn't finished his walk.
(b) He is sure he heard two voices and wants to know who else is there.
(c) He wants to find out how Tony got so muddy.
(d) He thinks there is someone with a gun in the thicket.

3. When Hardcastle cannot stand any more, what does he do?
(a) He gets drunk himself.
(b) He challenges Marlow to a duel.
(c) He sends for the sheriff.
(d) He orders Marlow to leave his house.

4. How does Marlow ask Kate for a kiss?
(a) He pulls her to him and tells her to close her eyes.
(b) He asks her to kiss him so he knows he's not dreaming.
(c) He talks about the nectar of her lips and he wants a taste.
(d) He asks her to kiss him for good luck when he meets Miss Hardcastle later.

5. How does Marlow say he saw Kate?
(a) He saw her as a simple-minded gold digger.
(b) He saw her only as a bonnet.
(c) He saw her without emotion and parted without regret.
(d) He saw her as a witless girl.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mrs. Hardcastle show her blind love of her son, Tony?

2. What does Jeremy, Marlow's servant, verify?

3. After Marlow runs from the room, how does Hardcastle confront his daughter.

4. How does Kate as the barmaid rebuff Marlow.

5. When Hardcastle runs into Marlow, why is he upset?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Constance knows Sir Charles is coming for a visit and Hastings' reaction to the news.

2. When Marlow speaks again to Kate, how does he behave?

3. What is going on between Mr. Hardcastle and Sir Charles as they come into the room after Mrs. Hardcastle has left with Constance?

4. What happens between Marlow and Hastings after Mrs. Hardcastle gets possession of the jewels once again?

5. What happens between Marlow and Kate the next time they are alone?

6. What transpires between Mr. Hardcastle and Tony in the dark?

7. Describe the conflict between Constance and Tony now that Mrs. Hardcastle has the jewels back?

8. While the three of them--Mrs. Hardcastle, Tony, and Constance--are talking, what is the unexpected turn of events?

9. Explain how the jewels end back up with Mrs. Hardcastle.

10. After Marlow leaves and Kate enters the room, what is the conversation she has with the two gentlemen?

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