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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Hardcastle not recognize as Tony and Constance banter back and forth?
(a) How they do not seem to listen to one another.
(b) How their faces reveal their true love.
(c) The sarcasm in their declarations of love for each other.
(d) How nervous they are around her.

2. When Mrs. Hardcastle drags herself to where Tony is, what does he try to make her believe?
(a) The road to London had washed out in a flash flood.
(b) The horses were trained to find the way home.
(c) They are near London and should get help getting the carriage out of the pond.
(d) It was her fault for insisting on leaving in the middle of the night.

3. What fate is Hastings resigned to as he and Constance go back to the house.
(a) Going to prison for stealing the jewels.
(b) Losing Constance to Tony.
(c) Waiting three years before they can marry.
(d) Being confronted by Sir Charles.

4. When Hardcastle runs into Marlow, why is he upset?
(a) Marlows servants are causing fights in the servants' quarters.
(b) Marlow has not paid his room rent.
(c) Marlow's servants are chasing Hardcastle's servant girls.
(d) Marlow's servants are getting drunk in Hardcastle's wine cellar.

5. Where is Hastings waiting for Tony?
(a) In the back of the garden.
(b) At the Three Pigeons.
(c) In his room.
(d) In front of the house.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Marlow finally does look at Kate as a barmaid, what changes in his speech?

2. What information does Hastings' servant give him?

3. How does Marlow say he saw Kate?

4. How does Mrs. Hardcastle show her blind love of her son, Tony?

5. When Marlow enters, who gets the blame for all the trouble in the house?

Short Essay Questions

1. There is a great deal of shouting at one another about Tony's latest deception. What does Tony say that Mr. Hardcastle has to agree with?

2. How does Mrs. Hardcastle react when she reads the real note?

3. What is the act Tony and Constance put on for Mrs. Hardcastle's benefit?

4. Explain how Constance knows Sir Charles is coming for a visit and Hastings' reaction to the news.

5. How does Mr. Hardcastle react to seeing Marlow holding his daughter's hand?

6. What immediate plans do Hastings and Constance make after he tells her Tony has given him the jewels?

7. What happens between Marlow and Kate the next time they are alone?

8. What transpires between Mr. Hardcastle and Tony in the dark?

9. How does Constance attempt to stop Mrs. Hardcastle from reading the note?

10. Describe Hastings' mood after Constance has left with Mrs. Hardcastle.

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