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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Mr. Hardcastle while Mrs. Hardcastle is leaving with Constance?
(a) He is in the pantry eating a second breakfast.
(b) He is trying to find Marlow and put him at ease.
(c) He is out looking for Kate.
(d) He is laughing with Sir Charles over the joke that was played on young Marlow.

2. What does Mrs. Hardcastle promise to give Constance right away?
(a) A trip to her aunt's house in London.
(b) Her garnets.
(c) A wedding dress.
(d) The jewels.

3. What does Mrs. Hardcastle think when she catches Tony and Constance together?
(a) That they are in love with each other.
(b) That they need to be separated.
(c) That they are playing games with her.
(d) That they are only after the jewels.

4. Why are Hardcastle and Sir Charles amazed at Marlow's quick departure?
(a) They cannot believe young Marlow actually saw Kate.
(b) What he says does not match up with what Kate told her father.
(c) They think he is too sensitive to the joke that was played on him.
(d) They do not understand what he says about Kate.

5. What does Hardcastle say that girls like?
(a) To be played with and rumpled a little, too.
(b) To think that they are tormenting a man.
(c) To be offered expensive jewels.
(d) To be put in their place.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Hastings waiting for Tony?

2. What does Mrs. Hardcastle propose to do after she learns the truth about Constance and Hastings?

3. What does Kate let Marlow believe she is.

4. What does Kate think will be her father's reaction when he hears the whole story?

5. Where does Tony tell his mother that they are located?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why have Marlow's servants all gotten drunk to the great displeasure of Mr. Hardcastle?

2. What argument does Kate use to calm her father down.

3. There is a great deal of shouting at one another about Tony's latest deception. What does Tony say that Mr. Hardcastle has to agree with?

4. While the three of them--Mrs. Hardcastle, Tony, and Constance--are talking, what is the unexpected turn of events?

5. How does Constance attempt to stop Mrs. Hardcastle from reading the note?

6. After Marlow leaves and Kate enters the room, what is the conversation she has with the two gentlemen?

7. Describe the conflict between Constance and Tony now that Mrs. Hardcastle has the jewels back?

8. What is going on between Mr. Hardcastle and Sir Charles as they come into the room after Mrs. Hardcastle has left with Constance?

9. How does Mr. Hardcastle react to seeing Marlow holding his daughter's hand?

10. What transpires between Mr. Hardcastle and Tony in the dark?

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