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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What seems to be the only solution for Constance and Hastings?
(a) He will have to steal the jewels and kidnap Constance.
(b) He will have to kill Mrs. Hardcastle.
(c) He will have to wait for her for three years.
(d) They will have to forget about each other.

2. What does Mrs. Hardcastle promise to give Constance right away?
(a) The jewels.
(b) A trip to her aunt's house in London.
(c) A wedding dress.
(d) Her garnets.

3. How does Marlow conspire to get closer to Kate?
(a) He pretends to trip on the carpet.
(b) He asks her to dance with him.
(c) He moves in quickly when she looks away.
(d) He tries guessing her age and must come for a closer look.

4. Why does Marlow insist the house is his?
(a) He thinks the real owner will put Hardcastle out.
(b) He thinks the house belongs to his father.
(c) He still thinks it is an inn and that he is paying for everything.
(d) He thinks he has bought the house.

5. What is Tony's problem with the letter?
(a) He cannot read handwriting.
(b) He doesn't have his glasses.
(c) It is too dark in the room.
(d) He doesn't read French.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are Hardcastle and Sir Charles amazed at Marlow's quick departure?

2. What does Mrs. Hardcastle discover when she goes to help Tony with the robber?

3. What does the letter from Sir Charles Marlow indicate?

4. What does Marlow do with the jewels?

5. When Hastings accuses Marlow of planning to rob the barmaid of her honor, what does Marlow reply?

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