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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Hardcastle say Marlow has to do?
(a) Work in the inn for one year.
(b) Crawl on his hands and knees.
(c) Reconcile contradictions.
(d) Give up playing jokes on his host.

2. What is Tony looking forward to in the near future?
(a) Coming into his inheritance of 1,500 pounds a year.
(b) Going abraod for an extended vacation.
(c) Getting even with Kate for standing between him and Constance.
(d) Being presented at court.

3. After the meal problem is settled, what demands do Marlow and Hastings make?
(a) That their bed chambers are aired out properly.
(b) That they go see to the making of their beds.
(c) That their beds are positioned facing East.
(d) That new mattresses be placed on their beds.

4. Who is Hardcastle reminded of when he hears the word retreat?
(a) General Custer.
(b) The Earl of Bath.
(c) Napoleon Bonepart.
(d) The Duke of Marlborough.

5. What sort of sales pitch does Mr. Hardcastle make to his daughter?
(a) He offers to send her to the university.
(b) He begs her to spend less on clothes.
(c) He praises a young man who is coming to visit.
(d) He wants her to learn to cook.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the play opens, who are the two characters who enter from the right?

2. What does Hastings say about Marlow in the company of women of reputation?

3. What is Tony's reply when Hastings asks how he managed to get the jewels?

4. Who does Constance say Marlow is?

5. What does Diggory say will be difficult for him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Hastings insist that Constance continue the ruse that they are in an inn?

2. When Mrs. Hardcastle sees Tony and Constance together, what does she assume?

3. Explain how the scene in the Three Pigeons is typical of an English pub.

4. How does the dialogue of the opening scene give the audience a clue as to Mrs. Hardcastle's character?

5. How do Marlow and Hastings treat Mr. Hardcastle at what they suppose is an inn?

6. Tony has the landlord give the directions which no one could possibly follow. What fun do they have when Marlow asks for a room at the Three Pigeons?

7. How is Mr. Hardcastle different from his wife?

8. Discuss the initial conversation between Hastings and Mrs. Hardcastle.

9. What does Hastings really want to discuss with Tony?

10. How does the audience get a picture of Tony Lumpkin before he even enters the stage?

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