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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the one thing about the man whose name is Marlow that Kate does not particularly like?
(a) He father says that Marlow occasionally drinks too much.
(b) Her father says that Marlow is reputed to be quite vain.
(c) Her father says Marlow is reserved and shy.
(d) He father says that Marlow takes snuff.

2. What does Diggory say will be difficult for him?
(a) To keep his hands off the sherry.
(b) To speak in a refined manner.
(c) To walk without tripping over his feet.
(d) To see people eating at the table and not be able to eat himself.

3. Who is Hardcastle reminded of when he hears the word retreat?
(a) The Duke of Marlborough.
(b) Napoleon Bonepart.
(c) General Custer.
(d) The Earl of Bath.

4. Why does Constance not believe that Mrs. Hardcastle has lost her jewels?
(a) Because she knows where Mrs. Harcastle keeps them.
(b) Because Mrs. Hardcastle knows the value of the jewels.
(c) Because Tony told her they are not lost.
(d) Because she has them herself.

5. What suggestion is made that the landlady might do?
(a) Order them out of her house.
(b) Give them three chairs and a bolster in front of the fireplace.
(c) Let them share her bed.
(d) Make them a bed on the pub floor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mr. Hardcastle is furious with Marlow. What does he say out loud to himself about the young man?

2. What does Hardcastle say about the servants overhearing one of his funny stories?

3. What is Hardcastle's reaction when Kate enters the room?

4. How do Hastings and Marlow continue to ignore Hardcastle?

5. After the meal problem is settled, what demands do Marlow and Hastings make?

Short Essay Questions

1. What clue does the landlord give in the muttered line that Tony is a damn'd mischievous son of a whore?

2. How does the dialogue of the opening scene give the audience a clue as to Mrs. Hardcastle's character?

3. How does Hastings inject himself into the argument between Tony and his mother?

4. What is the act Tony and Constance put on for Mrs. Hardcastle's benefit?

5. What does Hastings really want to discuss with Tony?

6. What is the news Mr. Hardcastle gives his daughter about her future?

7. Explain the hilarity when Mrs. Hardcastle discovers that the jewels are not where she left them.

8. When Marlow speaks again to Kate, how does he behave?

9. How does Hardcastle respond to Kate's hope that he will forgive Marlow?

10. Tell how Tony describes the Hardcastle family.

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