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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Hardcastle hears a coach drive up in front of the house?
(a) He hurries out to greet Marlow.
(b) He runs to sit down in the living room.
(c) He thinks it is the mail coach.
(d) He rushes the servants through their jobs one more time.

2. What does Kate say to Constance about her brother Tony?
(a) She says that she could almost love him for hating Constance so.
(b) She says that Tony fancies he will marry a duchess.
(c) She says that Tony will do anything to marry Constance.
(d) She tells Constance that Tony walks in his sleep.

3. Hardcastle does not recognize the insults at first and attempts to do what?
(a) Order Marlow and Hastings to sit down.
(b) Get them to sit at a table.
(c) Advise them about their dress.
(d) Enter into a conversation with Marlow and Hastings.

4. Mr. Hardcastle is furious with Marlow. What does he say out loud to himself about the young man?
(a) He is the most impudent piece of brass that ever spoke with a tongue.
(b) That he cannot understand Sir Charles playing such a joke on him.
(c) That he should run him off with a pitchfork.
(d) That he must not let Kate meet the young man.

5. How interested is Hardcastle in politics?
(a) He is an avid follower of politics.
(b) He favors the Tories.
(c) Not at all because it frets him.
(d) He is an avid Liberal.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the scene in the Three Pigeons a satire on sentimental comedy?

2. Who does Mrs. Hardcastle dote on?

3. What is Mrs. Hardcastle's state of mind when she returns to the living room?

4. What is Hardcastle's toast after passing out the punch?

5. How does Hardcastle say the servants are like their betters?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is happening simultaneously as Tony runs in with the casket of jewels?

2. Later when Constance and Hastings come in asking permission to marry, Mr. Hardcastle sees no problem and Sir Charles praises Hastings as a fine upstanding young man. How does Mrs. Hardcastle attempt to pour cold water on the situation?

3. While the three of them--Mrs. Hardcastle, Tony, and Constance--are talking, what is the unexpected turn of events?

4. What happens to make everything come out well for everyone except the greedy Mrs. Hardcastle?

5. What does the audience learn right away of Kate Hardcastle's character.

6. When Mrs. Hardcastle sees Tony and Constance together, what does she assume?

7. Outside in the back of the garden, what surprise does Hasting get when he meets Tony there?

8. How does Hastings inject himself into the argument between Tony and his mother?

9. How do Marlow and Hastings treat Mr. Hardcastle at what they suppose is an inn?

10. Explain how the jewels end back up with Mrs. Hardcastle.

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