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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tony do when he discovers that Marlow and Hastings are hopelessly lost?
(a) He gives them long, complicated directions to Hardcastle mansion.
(b) He offers to go with them to show the way.
(c) He sends them headed back toward London.
(d) He tells them no one in those parts know a Mr. Hardcastle.

2. What comment does the landlord of the Three Pigeons make about Hardcastle's inn?
(a) He says there is a rumor that they steal from their guests while they sleep.
(b) He says they get their guests out of bed when the rooster crows each morning.
(c) He says they have hard beds and sour wine.
(d) He says they have good beds and fine wine.

3. What happens when Hardcastle asks the servants about serving wine?
(a) They all rush out to get the wine.
(b) They all say that they prefer ale.
(c) No one moves to get the wine.
(d) They all start wishing for a glass of wine.

4. What does Mr. Hardcastle expect from Diggory who was brought into the house from his work in the barn?
(a) To perform the duties of butler.
(b) To dance and entertain the guests.
(c) To act as doorman.
(d) To make a show at the side table.

5. What is Hastings' double entendre about the calf brains on the menu?
(a) A brain is something missing in most houses.
(b) I supposed you had only a half a brain.
(c) Do you suggest we lack brains, sir?
(d) Let your brains be knocked out, sir, I don't like them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Marlow's plan for meeting Kate Hardcastle?

2. How do Hastings and Marlow continue to ignore Hardcastle?

3. Anxious to be off, what does Marlow ask Tony?

4. Before offering to give directions to Marlow and Hastings, what does Tony want to know?

5. Tired of humoring Hardcastle, what blunder does Marlow make?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Mr. Hardcastle training his servants?

2. Tell how Tony describes the Hardcastle family.

3. How does Hastings inject himself into the argument between Tony and his mother?

4. What does the audience learn right away of Kate Hardcastle's character.

5. How does the audience get a picture of Tony Lumpkin before he even enters the stage?

6. Describe Tony Lumpkins' problem with his mother and Miss Neville.

7. Discuss the initial conversation between Hastings and Mrs. Hardcastle.

8. How do we know that Kate is actually excited at the prospect of a handsome, well-mannered husband-to-be?

9. Explain Tony's trickery with Mrs. Hardcastle when Constance is pressing her to relinquish her jewels.

10. What clue does the landlord give in the muttered line that Tony is a damn'd mischievous son of a whore?

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