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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Anxious to be off, what does Marlow ask Tony?
(a) Are there any bridges to cross?
(b) How much do you think they will charge?
(c) Can we purchase some torches here?
(d) We are to turn right, did you say?

2. What does Mr. Hardcastle say the neighbors bring back from their trips to town?
(a) Things for which they have no use.
(b) Useless furniture and ugly paintings.
(c) Bills and bad dispositions.
(d) Vanity and affectation.

3. Why is Tony suddenly brave enough to play a prank on Hardcastle and his guests.
(a) He has grown much larger than Hardcastle.
(b) He is leaving for Europe soon.
(c) His mother will defend him.
(d) He is soon to come into his inheritance.

4. Hardcastle is stunned by their rudeness but offers what service?
(a) To feed them only bread and water.
(b) To alter anything on the menu.
(c) To let them go to the kitchen and prepare their own supper.
(d) To send out for their supper.

5. What is Marlow's plan for meeting Kate Hardcastle?
(a) Bow low, say yes and no, and not look at her face.
(b) Pretend to be very ill.
(c) Run away before she comes down.
(d) Pretend to be a valet servant.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tony come running into the room to announce?

2. What is Mrs. Hardcastle's state of mind when she returns to the living room?

3. What argument does the subject of age bring up between the Hardcastles?

4. Left behind as Hardcastle and Marlow go to the bedrooms, who does Hastings see?

5. What happens when Hardcastle hears a coach drive up in front of the house?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Mr. Hardcastle's first impression of Marlow and his friend Hastings?

2. How does Constance attempt to stop Mrs. Hardcastle from reading the note?

3. How does Kate discover the misunderstanding that has been going on in the house?

4. How does Mrs. Hardcastle make an appearance in the garden.

5. How do Marlow and Hastings treat Mr. Hardcastle at what they suppose is an inn?

6. Tell how Tony describes the Hardcastle family.

7. There is a great deal of shouting at one another about Tony's latest deception. What does Tony say that Mr. Hardcastle has to agree with?

8. What clue does the landlord give in the muttered line that Tony is a damn'd mischievous son of a whore?

9. After Marlow leaves and Kate enters the room, what is the conversation she has with the two gentlemen?

10. How does the audience get a picture of Tony Lumpkin before he even enters the stage?

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