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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kate say about Marlow?
(a) That she didn't know he was Hastings' best friend.
(b) That she expected something extraordinary and she was quite surprised by him.
(c) That he appeared to be a simpleton.
(d) That he was rude and callous and she wanted him to go away.

2. Why is Mrs. Hardcastle trying to make a match between Tony and Constance?
(a) Tony has never been able to attract a woman.
(b) Constance stands to inherit a title.
(c) Tony needs to settle down before he gets too old.
(d) Constance inherited a fortune in jewels.

3. How does Tony calm down Constance?
(a) He gives her brandy to drink.
(b) He promises to find the jewels.
(c) He tells her that Hastings has the jewels.
(d) He makes a joke to make her laugh.

4. What comment does Mr. Hardcastle make to his daughter, Kate, seeing her dressed in the latest fashion.
(a) The indigent world could be clothed out of the trimmings of the vain.
(b) What is wrong with the simple country dress?
(c) There's enough silk in that gown to make two.
(d) Have you turned to be like Mrs. Hardcastle?

5. Does Mr. Hardcastle think he might change his mind about Marlow?
(a) No, he trusts his first impression.
(b) No, because he will not give him a chance to apologize.
(c) Yes, if Sir Charles comes and straightens his son out.
(d) Yes, because Kate might end up being an old maid.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Hardcastle expect from Diggory who was brought into the house from his work in the barn?

2. How is Mr. Hardcastle astonished by Kate's conversation?

3. As the play opens, who are the two characters who enter from the right?

4. Why is Tony suddenly brave enough to play a prank on Hardcastle and his guests.

5. What is Hardcastle's reaction when Kate enters the room?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Marlow say to Hastings about his ability with women?

2. Describe the landlord's reaction when Tony gives Marlow and Hastings directions to an inn which he calls Buck's Head.

3. Explain why Tony is so sure he can handle Mrs. Hardcastle.

4. When Mrs. Hardcastle sees Tony and Constance together, what does she assume?

5. Explain Tony's trickery with Mrs. Hardcastle when Constance is pressing her to relinquish her jewels.

6. What clue does the landlord give in the muttered line that Tony is a damn'd mischievous son of a whore?

7. What is so humorous about the conversation Kate and her father have about Marlow?

8. Tony has the landlord give the directions which no one could possibly follow. What fun do they have when Marlow asks for a room at the Three Pigeons?

9. Why is Mr. Hardcastle training his servants?

10. How is Mr. Hardcastle different from his wife?

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