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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kate say to herself about Marlow.
(a) That he is worse than she thought.
(b) That her father will not believe his story.
(c) That he must leave at once.
(d) That he was the one she had stooped to conquer.

2. Who tells Kate that Marlow thinks the house is an inn?
(a) Mr. Hardcastle.
(b) Tony.
(c) The maid.
(d) Constance.

3. What does Marlow do in front of his father?
(a) Offer to pay for any damages done to Hardcastle's property.
(b) Demand to see the barmaid.
(c) Rant at the cruelty of his deception.
(d) Asks Mr. Hardcastle's forgiveness one more time.

4. When Hastings accuses Marlow of planning to rob the barmaid of her honor, what does Marlow reply?
(a) He will marry her if she gets pregnant.
(b) You can't rob something that is freely given.
(c) There is nothing in this house I do not intend to pay for.
(d) Pshaw, you know barmaids don't worry about honor.

5. When Tony hands the letter to his mother, what does Constance do?
(a) She snatches the letter away and pretends to read.
(b) She says that she hears Mr. Hardcastle coming.
(c) She faints.
(d) She calls Mrs. Hardcastle mother and says she should help her.

6. What does Marlow do with the jewels?
(a) He puts them in thleir carriage.
(b) Not knowing what they are, he deposits them with Mrs. Hardcastle.
(c) He puts them in his locked luggage.
(d) He hides them under the bed.

7. How does Miss Neville know who the letter is from?
(a) She snatches the letter from Tony's hand.
(b) She recognizes the handwriting.
(c) She reads the letter for Tony.
(d) She knows Hastings is going to write.

8. Who comes up with a plan to save the day?
(a) Marlow.
(b) Diggory.
(c) Tony.
(d) Kate.

9. What does Marlow tell Kate the barmaid his name is?
(a) Mr. Hastings.
(b) Mr. Danbury.
(c) Mr. Solomons.
(d) Mr. Rattles.

10. What does Mrs. Hardcastle promise to give Constance right away?
(a) A wedding dress.
(b) Her garnets.
(c) A trip to her aunt's house in London.
(d) The jewels.

11. How is Hastings shocked by Marlow?
(a) He finds out that Marlow sent the casket of jewels to the landlady.
(b) He learns that Marlow is leaving Liberty Hall with the barmaid.
(c) He sees that Marlow has no intention of marrying Miss Hardcastle.
(d) Marlow tells him that the barmaid is waiting for him in his room.

12. What does the maid tell Kate that Marlow thinks.
(a) He thinks Miss Neville is Kate.
(b) He thinks he is a fool for coming here.
(c) He thinks it is all a joke.
(d) He thinks Kate is the barmaid.

13. What is in the letter?
(a) A court summons in a murder case.
(b) A bill for Tony's gambling debts.
(c) A message from Hastings about the elopement.
(d) A message about finding the jewels again.

14. Why is Marlow so sure that Kate will surrender herself to him?
(a) She invited him up to see her embroidery which he takes as a sexual meaning.
(b) Her eyes tell him that she is interested in him.
(c) She is toying with him by not allowing him to kiss her.
(d) She sent him a note to meet her later.

15. What does Hardcastle say that girls like?
(a) To be played with and rumpled a little, too.
(b) To be offered expensive jewels.
(c) To be put in their place.
(d) To think that they are tormenting a man.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Marlow say he saw Kate?

2. How does Mrs. Hardcastle show her blind love of her son, Tony?

3. After Marlow runs from the room, how does Hardcastle confront his daughter.

4. Who puts Marlow straight about the house?

5. What is Marlow's complaint as he enters the room and finds Kate?

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