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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Marlow now fear?
(a) That his father will disinherit him.
(b) That now he will be forced to marry Miss Hardcastle.
(c) That Kate will not show him her embroidery.
(d) That he will be drawn in characature and made fun of.

2. What does Mrs. Hardcastle propose to do after she learns the truth about Constance and Hastings?
(a) She plans to lock Constance in her room until Hastings leaves.
(b) She plans to call the vicar and have Constance and Tony marry immediately.
(c) She plans to charge Hastings with stealing the jewels.
(d) She plans to take Constance to her Aunt Pedigree in London.

3. What is Tony's condition when he finally appears?
(a) Confused and unhappy.
(b) Angry and covered with straw.
(c) Weary, booted, and splattered with mud.
(d) Excited and jumping with joy.

4. Where does Tony tell his mother that they are located?
(a) About forty miles from home in a dangerous place for robbers.
(b) About twenty miles from their house where the road made a hard turn they had missed.
(c) Just on the outskirts of London but they need help.
(d) He tells her he has no idea where they are because things happened so fast.

5. Who enters while Kate is struggling to get her hand away from Marlow?
(a) Constance.
(b) Mr. Hardcastle.
(c) Tony Lumpkin.
(d) Lady Betty Blackleg.

6. How does Marlow ask Kate for a kiss?
(a) He pulls her to him and tells her to close her eyes.
(b) He talks about the nectar of her lips and he wants a taste.
(c) He asks her to kiss him for good luck when he meets Miss Hardcastle later.
(d) He asks her to kiss him so he knows he's not dreaming.

7. What does Kate convince her father to do?
(a) Help her make Marlow make a fool of himself.
(b) Invite Marlow to return to the house as often as he likes.
(c) Give her time to prove that Marlow really is a modest gentleman.
(d) Let her have her fun with Marlow before telling him who she is.

8. Why does Marlow insist the house is his?
(a) He thinks the house belongs to his father.
(b) He thinks the real owner will put Hardcastle out.
(c) He thinks he has bought the house.
(d) He still thinks it is an inn and that he is paying for everything.

9. Why does Hastings say they must hurry if they plan to elope?
(a) Because young Marlow will discover his mistake and be angry.
(b) Because there will be guards when Sir Charles arrives.
(c) Because Sir Charles knows Hastings and would say too much.
(d) Because everyone will be watching closely when Sir Charles arrives.

10. When Marlow finally does look at Kate as a barmaid, what changes in his speech?
(a) He becomes quite flirtatious.
(b) He starts stammering again.
(c) He orders a sandwich.
(d) He pauses trying to remember who she is.

11. What subterfuge do Constance and Tony carry out when Mrs. Hardcastle is in the room?
(a) They pretend they are planning a wedding.
(b) They act shy around each other.
(c) They pretend to court one another.
(d) They go to opposite sides of the room.

12. Why is Marlow so sure that Kate will surrender herself to him?
(a) She sent him a note to meet her later.
(b) She is toying with him by not allowing him to kiss her.
(c) She invited him up to see her embroidery which he takes as a sexual meaning.
(d) Her eyes tell him that she is interested in him.

13. Why are Hardcastle and Sir Charles amazed at Marlow's quick departure?
(a) They think he is too sensitive to the joke that was played on him.
(b) What he says does not match up with what Kate told her father.
(c) They cannot believe young Marlow actually saw Kate.
(d) They do not understand what he says about Kate.

14. What time-consuming action had Tony taken on the ride?
(a) Stopped frequently to ask directions.
(b) Slowed the horses down to a walk.
(c) Tied up Mrs. Hardcastle and put a gag in her mouth.
(d) Getting stuck in ponds ending up in the horsepond behind the garden.

15. When Kate arrives, how does her testimony conflict with young Marlow's?
(a) She says that they have met many times.
(b) She says that they never met.
(c) She says that he insulted her.
(d) She says that he proposed marriage and she turned him down.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Hardcastle think when she catches Tony and Constance together?

2. Where is Hastings waiting for Tony?

3. What does Hardcastle tell Kate he plans to do?

4. When Tony hands the letter to his mother, what does Constance do?

5. What does Mrs. Hardcastle not recognize as Tony and Constance banter back and forth?

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