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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Sir Charles questions Kate, what does she say about his son's behavior toward her?
(a) She says he gave the standard courtship speech and professed his love.
(b) She says that he talked like he would talk to a barmaid.
(c) She says he pressed her to elope with him.
(d) She says he stammered and stuttered and made eyes at her.

2. Who enters while Kate is struggling to get her hand away from Marlow?
(a) Constance.
(b) Tony Lumpkin.
(c) Mr. Hardcastle.
(d) Lady Betty Blackleg.

3. Who tells Kate that Marlow thinks the house is an inn?
(a) Mr. Hardcastle.
(b) The maid.
(c) Tony.
(d) Constance.

4. Where is Mr. Hardcastle while Mrs. Hardcastle is leaving with Constance?
(a) He is out looking for Kate.
(b) He is in the pantry eating a second breakfast.
(c) He is trying to find Marlow and put him at ease.
(d) He is laughing with Sir Charles over the joke that was played on young Marlow.

5. What is Kate's plan for Marlow?
(a) She plans to trick Marlow into marrying her.
(b) She plans to make Marlow think she loves Hastings.
(c) She plans to keep up his delusion.
(d) She plans to pretend to be Kate's sister.

6. What does the letter from Sir Charles Marlow indicate?
(a) That he is too busy to come to Liberty Hall.
(b) That he is coming to Hardcastle's house.
(c) That he cannot believe reports about his son.
(d) That he wants to meet Kate.

7. What does Kate think will be her father's reaction when he hears the whole story?
(a) That he will laugh Marlow out of his resolve to leave.
(b) That he will have a heart attack and die.
(c) That he won't believe a word of it.
(d) That he will be furious with Tony and Hastings.

8. What is Constance resolved to do at this point?
(a) Appeal to Mrs. Hardcastle's mother instincts.
(b) Take Mrs. Hardcastle to court.
(c) Appeal to the Bishop of Canterbury.
(d) Appeal to Mr. Hardcastle.

9. What does Kate convince her father to do?
(a) Give her time to prove that Marlow really is a modest gentleman.
(b) Let her have her fun with Marlow before telling him who she is.
(c) Help her make Marlow make a fool of himself.
(d) Invite Marlow to return to the house as often as he likes.

10. What subterfuge do Constance and Tony carry out when Mrs. Hardcastle is in the room?
(a) They pretend to court one another.
(b) They go to opposite sides of the room.
(c) They pretend they are planning a wedding.
(d) They act shy around each other.

11. What does Mrs. Hardcastle think when she catches Tony and Constance together?
(a) That they need to be separated.
(b) That they are playing games with her.
(c) That they are in love with each other.
(d) That they are only after the jewels.

12. When Hardcastle cannot stand any more, what does he do?
(a) He sends for the sheriff.
(b) He challenges Marlow to a duel.
(c) He orders Marlow to leave his house.
(d) He gets drunk himself.

13. What is in the letter?
(a) A message about finding the jewels again.
(b) A bill for Tony's gambling debts.
(c) A court summons in a murder case.
(d) A message from Hastings about the elopement.

14. After Marlow runs from the room, how does Hardcastle confront his daughter.
(a) He tells her to go put on her finery.
(b) He asks what she is up to.
(c) He shames her for lying to him.
(d) He laughs at the ridiculous scene he just witnessed.

15. What does Tony suggest to Hastings?
(a) Wait until Mrs. Hardcastle falls alseep from exhaustion and then get Constance.
(b) Go collect Constance and bring Mr. Hardcastle along.
(c) Go and bargain with Mrs. Hardcastle or you will leave her in the pond.
(d) Get his horses, go to the pond for Constance, and ride away.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Hastings shocked by Marlow?

2. What is Marlow's complaint as he enters the room and finds Kate?

3. What does Jeremy, Marlow's servant, verify?

4. What is Tony's problem with the letter?

5. When Hardcastle runs into Marlow, why is he upset?

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