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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Kate's plan for Marlow?
(a) She plans to make Marlow think she loves Hastings.
(b) She plans to keep up his delusion.
(c) She plans to pretend to be Kate's sister.
(d) She plans to trick Marlow into marrying her.

2. Tony thinks Constance has not read all of the letter, so what does he do?
(a) He has a temper tantrum.
(b) He gives it to his mother to finish reading.
(c) He puts the letter in his pocket to read later.
(d) He sits down and tries to read it himself.

3. Where does Tony tell his mother that they are located?
(a) He tells her he has no idea where they are because things happened so fast.
(b) About forty miles from home in a dangerous place for robbers.
(c) About twenty miles from their house where the road made a hard turn they had missed.
(d) Just on the outskirts of London but they need help.

4. What does Kate say to herself about Marlow.
(a) That he was the one she had stooped to conquer.
(b) That her father will not believe his story.
(c) That he must leave at once.
(d) That he is worse than she thought.

5. What is Kate's response as Marlow moves closer to her?
(a) She asks if he is in need of glasses.
(b) She runs behind a large chair.
(c) She asks of he thinks she's wearing a mask.
(d) She asks if he is trying to guess her age the way they do horses.

6. How many times does Marlow insist he had an interview with Kate?
(a) Only two.
(b) Three or four.
(c) One.
(d) None.

7. Why are Hardcastle and Sir Charles amazed at Marlow's quick departure?
(a) What he says does not match up with what Kate told her father.
(b) They think he is too sensitive to the joke that was played on him.
(c) They do not understand what he says about Kate.
(d) They cannot believe young Marlow actually saw Kate.

8. What does Marlow tell Hardcastle about his servants.
(a) They are under his orders to drink as much as they can.
(b) He will discipline them harshly.
(c) They are just playing drunk for some fun.
(d) They are his father's servants and he cannot control them.

9. Why can't Hastings explain the problem of giving the jewels to Mrs. Hardcastle?
(a) Marlow still doesn't know they are in Hardcastle's house.
(b) He has to tell Constance first.
(c) Marlow will be angry that Hastings did not tell him what was in the casket.
(d) Marlow will do something violent if he finds out what he did.

10. What does Marlow now fear?
(a) That his father will disinherit him.
(b) That he will be drawn in characature and made fun of.
(c) That Kate will not show him her embroidery.
(d) That now he will be forced to marry Miss Hardcastle.

11. When Mrs. Hardcastle drags herself to where Tony is, what does he try to make her believe?
(a) The road to London had washed out in a flash flood.
(b) They are near London and should get help getting the carriage out of the pond.
(c) It was her fault for insisting on leaving in the middle of the night.
(d) The horses were trained to find the way home.

12. When Kate arrives, how does her testimony conflict with young Marlow's?
(a) She says that they have met many times.
(b) She says that they never met.
(c) She says that he insulted her.
(d) She says that he proposed marriage and she turned him down.

13. What does Constance attempt to do?
(a) Get Mrs. Hardcastle away by telling her a story about Tony.
(b) Pour water on the letter so that the ink runs.
(c) Get Tony to read the letter later.
(d) Knock the letter into the fireplace.

14. What does Marlow do in front of his father?
(a) Asks Mr. Hardcastle's forgiveness one more time.
(b) Offer to pay for any damages done to Hardcastle's property.
(c) Demand to see the barmaid.
(d) Rant at the cruelty of his deception.

15. What does the maid question about Kate's plan?
(a) Whether Marlow will stay in the house.
(b) Whether Kate can get her father to agree to her plan.
(c) Whether Constance will go along with the sceme.
(d) Whether she can act the part of a barmaid.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who enters while Kate is struggling to get her hand away from Marlow?

2. Why is Marlow so sure that Kate will surrender herself to him?

3. How does Hardcastle give Marlow a hard time?

4. What does the maid tell Kate that Marlow thinks.

5. When Hardcastle cannot stand any more, what does he do?

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