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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Tony's condition when he finally appears?
(a) Confused and unhappy.
(b) Excited and jumping with joy.
(c) Angry and covered with straw.
(d) Weary, booted, and splattered with mud.

2. When Hardcastle cannot stand any more, what does he do?
(a) He orders Marlow to leave his house.
(b) He challenges Marlow to a duel.
(c) He sends for the sheriff.
(d) He gets drunk himself.

3. What does Kate say to herself about Marlow.
(a) That he was the one she had stooped to conquer.
(b) That he must leave at once.
(c) That he is worse than she thought.
(d) That her father will not believe his story.

4. Why does Mr. Hardcastle not go back into the house?
(a) He thinks there is someone with a gun in the thicket.
(b) He wants to find out how Tony got so muddy.
(c) He hasn't finished his walk.
(d) He is sure he heard two voices and wants to know who else is there.

5. What does Kate propose that her father and Sir Charles do?
(a) Insist on a meeting with the four of them.
(b) Threaten Marlow with a whip if he does not tell the truth.
(c) Talk to her maid who overheard everything.
(d) Hide behind a screen while she meets with Marlow.

6. What is Constance resolved to do at this point?
(a) Take Mrs. Hardcastle to court.
(b) Appeal to Mrs. Hardcastle's mother instincts.
(c) Appeal to Mr. Hardcastle.
(d) Appeal to the Bishop of Canterbury.

7. How does Miss Neville know who the letter is from?
(a) She recognizes the handwriting.
(b) She knows Hastings is going to write.
(c) She reads the letter for Tony.
(d) She snatches the letter from Tony's hand.

8. Tony thinks Constance has not read all of the letter, so what does he do?
(a) He sits down and tries to read it himself.
(b) He gives it to his mother to finish reading.
(c) He has a temper tantrum.
(d) He puts the letter in his pocket to read later.

9. Who tells Kate that Marlow thinks the house is an inn?
(a) Tony.
(b) Mr. Hardcastle.
(c) Constance.
(d) The maid.

10. What does Jeremy, Marlow's servant, verify?
(a) That the barmaid gave them the keys to the cellar.
(b) That Marlow ordered his servants to drink.
(c) That Sir Charles always allowd them to get drunk at an inn.
(d) That the Hardcastle servant girls where getting them drunk for sport.

11. Who comes up with a plan to save the day?
(a) Tony.
(b) Kate.
(c) Marlow.
(d) Diggory.

12. When Hardcastle runs into Marlow, why is he upset?
(a) Marlow has not paid his room rent.
(b) Marlow's servants are getting drunk in Hardcastle's wine cellar.
(c) Marlows servants are causing fights in the servants' quarters.
(d) Marlow's servants are chasing Hardcastle's servant girls.

13. Why can't Hastings explain the problem of giving the jewels to Mrs. Hardcastle?
(a) Marlow still doesn't know they are in Hardcastle's house.
(b) He has to tell Constance first.
(c) Marlow will do something violent if he finds out what he did.
(d) Marlow will be angry that Hastings did not tell him what was in the casket.

14. How does Marlow conspire to get closer to Kate?
(a) He pretends to trip on the carpet.
(b) He tries guessing her age and must come for a closer look.
(c) He moves in quickly when she looks away.
(d) He asks her to dance with him.

15. What information does Hastings' servant give him?
(a) That a maid dressed in Constance's clothes is in the carriage with Mrs. Hardcastle.
(b) That the post carriage broke down about a mile from the house.
(c) That Mrs. Hardcastle and Constance are thirty miles away already.
(d) That Mrs. Hardcastle and Constance have returned.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Marlow insist the house is his?

2. Who puts Marlow straight about the house?

3. After Marlow runs from the room, how does Hardcastle confront his daughter.

4. What does Hardcastle tell Kate he plans to do?

5. When Tony hands the letter to his mother, what does Constance do?

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