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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before offering to give directions to Marlow and Hastings, what does Tony want to know?
(a) If they have servants traveling with them.
(b) If they need to see Hardcastle right away.
(c) If they know where they are and how they got there.
(d) If they have an invitation to the Hardcastle mansion.

2. Hardcastle is stunned by their rudeness but offers what service?
(a) To let them go to the kitchen and prepare their own supper.
(b) To send out for their supper.
(c) To feed them only bread and water.
(d) To alter anything on the menu.

3. What does Tony volunteer to do as Marlow and Hastings head out the door of the Three Pigeons?
(a) He kicks the landlord of the pub under the table.
(b) He offers to go out and point the way.
(c) He tips his hat and wishes them well.
(d) He tries hard to contain his laughter.

4. What is Hardcastle's reaction when Kate enters the room?
(a) That she will hate him for recommending Marlow to her.
(b) That she must leave at once and go to London.
(c) He is pleased with the modesty of her dress as they had agreed.
(d) That she must stay in her room until Marlow departs.

5. What does Tony say his mother would part with before she gave up the jewels?
(a) Her latest Paris fashions.
(b) Her favorite son.
(c) The last sound tooth in her head.
(d) Her husband, Mr. Hardcastle.

6. What happens when Hardcastle asks the servants about serving wine?
(a) No one moves to get the wine.
(b) They all say that they prefer ale.
(c) They all start wishing for a glass of wine.
(d) They all rush out to get the wine.

7. What is Marlow's experience with proper young ladies?
(a) Hardly no experience with ladies of the upper class.
(b) Only experience with his cousins.
(c) A lot of experience that always ends badly.
(d) None whatsoever because he has been in all-boy schools.

8. Mr. Hardcastle is furious with Marlow. What does he say out loud to himself about the young man?
(a) He is the most impudent piece of brass that ever spoke with a tongue.
(b) That he cannot understand Sir Charles playing such a joke on him.
(c) That he should run him off with a pitchfork.
(d) That he must not let Kate meet the young man.

9. When Hastings offers them something already made up, what is Marlow's aside to Hastings?
(a) I wonder how long it has sat there?
(b) In Liberty Hall we have only what he pleases.
(c) Do you suppose the wine is soured?
(d) I hope this is fit to drink.

10. What is Mrs. Hardcastle's complaint with her husband?
(a) They never have company come to the house.
(b) He has no taste in furniture.
(c) He doesn't dress for dinner.
(d) They do not travel to town now and then.

11. What is Tony looking forward to in the near future?
(a) Getting even with Kate for standing between him and Constance.
(b) Coming into his inheritance of 1,500 pounds a year.
(c) Being presented at court.
(d) Going abraod for an extended vacation.

12. What does Mr. Hardcastle say the neighbors bring back from their trips to town?
(a) Vanity and affectation.
(b) Bills and bad dispositions.
(c) Useless furniture and ugly paintings.
(d) Things for which they have no use.

13. What is Mr. Hardcastle's response to Mrs. Hardcastle's complaining that he only likes old things.
(a) He says she knows he just bought a new horse.
(b) He says she thinks anything bought last month is old.
(c) He says she just does not know the value of antiques.
(d) He says she will have to own that he is pretty fond of an old wife.

14. What is so amusing about the way Kate and her father describe Marlow?
(a) They can hardly contain their laughter at the man.
(b) It sounds as though they are not talking about the same man.
(c) They are not listening to each other.
(d) They agree completely about Marlow.

15. What happens when Hardcastle hears a coach drive up in front of the house?
(a) He hurries out to greet Marlow.
(b) He thinks it is the mail coach.
(c) He rushes the servants through their jobs one more time.
(d) He runs to sit down in the living room.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Hardcastle reminded of when he hears the word retreat?

2. What is Tony's reply when Hastings asks how he managed to get the jewels?

3. What does Mr. Hardcastle call his home?

4. What suggestion is made that the landlady might do?

5. How do Hastings and Marlow continue to ignore Hardcastle?

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