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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kate say about Marlow?
(a) That he appeared to be a simpleton.
(b) That she didn't know he was Hastings' best friend.
(c) That he was rude and callous and she wanted him to go away.
(d) That she expected something extraordinary and she was quite surprised by him.

2. Why is Mrs. Hardcastle trying to make a match between Tony and Constance?
(a) Constance stands to inherit a title.
(b) Tony needs to settle down before he gets too old.
(c) Tony has never been able to attract a woman.
(d) Constance inherited a fortune in jewels.

3. What has Kate promised her father about her dress in the evenings?
(a) That she will wear a dancing costume in the evenings.
(b) That she will wear simply country housewife clothes.
(c) That she will not wear jewelry in the evenings.
(d) That she will only dress up in the evenings.

4. What is the one area of agreement between Kate and Mr. Hardcastle about Marlow?
(a) Maybe he is just tired from the long trip from London.
(b) If he is what they saw of him on first meeting, neither of them will consent to a marriage.
(c) He is a man with a split personality.
(d) They think they can change him to be a respectable gentleman.

5. What is Mrs. Hardcastle's state of mind when she returns to the living room?
(a) She is smug because she thinks she has defeated Constance.
(b) She is happy because she is giving her garnets to Constance.
(c) She is nervous because she can't find the key to her bureau.
(d) She is hysterical believing the jewels to have been stolen.

6. What comment does Mr. Hardcastle make to his daughter, Kate, seeing her dressed in the latest fashion.
(a) There's enough silk in that gown to make two.
(b) Have you turned to be like Mrs. Hardcastle?
(c) The indigent world could be clothed out of the trimmings of the vain.
(d) What is wrong with the simple country dress?

7. How do Hastings and Marlow continue to ignore Hardcastle?
(a) By discussing what to wear before they go on to meet Kate and Constance.
(b) By keeping their backs to him.
(c) By talking loudly to each other.
(d) By going to look out of the window.

8. When does Mrs. Hardcastle insist will be the time for Constance to wear jewels?
(a) They are for looking at and not for wearing.
(b) When she is in her forties and her beauty needs repairing.
(c) Only when she's presented at court.
(d) Only when she has paste copies of them.

9. Tired of humoring Hardcastle, what blunder does Marlow make?
(a) He offers Hardcastle a tip for the punch.
(b) He demands to know what's for supper.
(c) He orders Hardcastle to unpack his bags.
(d) He demands to be taken to the dining room.

10. When Mrs. Hardcastle tries to get Tony to say home one night, where is he planning to go?
(a) The Cock and Bull pub.
(b) The theater.
(c) To church.
(d) The Three Pigeons pub.

11. What happens when Hardcastle hears a coach drive up in front of the house?
(a) He rushes the servants through their jobs one more time.
(b) He runs to sit down in the living room.
(c) He hurries out to greet Marlow.
(d) He thinks it is the mail coach.

12. Why does Constance not believe that Mrs. Hardcastle has lost her jewels?
(a) Because Tony told her they are not lost.
(b) Because she knows where Mrs. Harcastle keeps them.
(c) Because Mrs. Hardcastle knows the value of the jewels.
(d) Because she has them herself.

13. What does Tony volunteer to do as Marlow and Hastings head out the door of the Three Pigeons?
(a) He tips his hat and wishes them well.
(b) He tries hard to contain his laughter.
(c) He offers to go out and point the way.
(d) He kicks the landlord of the pub under the table.

14. What does Tony warn them of once they get to the inn?
(a) The owner will introduce them to his talkative wife.
(b) The food will be very bad.
(c) The owner will warn them about touching his daughter.
(d) The owner will want to sit and talk with them.

15. Seeing the good furniture, what does Hasting fear?
(a) That they will be overcharged for their stay.
(b) That this might not be an inn after all.
(c) That the beds will be hard and uncomfortable.
(d) That it is an antique shop.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Diggory say he learned how to hold his hands?

2. What is Marlow's plan for meeting Kate Hardcastle?

3. What does the landlord say about available accommodations?

4. Giving up on following Tony's directions, what does Marlow do?

5. When Hardcastle enters the room, how does Marlow indicate he is dismissed?

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