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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Hastings and Marlow continue to ignore Hardcastle?
(a) By keeping their backs to him.
(b) By discussing what to wear before they go on to meet Kate and Constance.
(c) By going to look out of the window.
(d) By talking loudly to each other.

2. What comment does the landlord of the Three Pigeons make about Hardcastle's inn?
(a) He says they have good beds and fine wine.
(b) He says they have hard beds and sour wine.
(c) He says they get their guests out of bed when the rooster crows each morning.
(d) He says there is a rumor that they steal from their guests while they sleep.

3. Hardcastle does not recognize the insults at first and attempts to do what?
(a) Order Marlow and Hastings to sit down.
(b) Advise them about their dress.
(c) Get them to sit at a table.
(d) Enter into a conversation with Marlow and Hastings.

4. What is Hardcastle's toast after passing out the punch?
(a) To good horses and fair ladies.
(b) To our better acquaintence.
(c) To overlook your insolence.
(d) To send you on your way.

5. What is Tony's one word admonition to the landlord of the pub?
(a) Wait!
(b) Don't forget!
(c) Mum!
(d) Help!

6. Does Mr. Hardcastle think he might change his mind about Marlow?
(a) Yes, because Kate might end up being an old maid.
(b) No, he trusts his first impression.
(c) Yes, if Sir Charles comes and straightens his son out.
(d) No, because he will not give him a chance to apologize.

7. What does Mr. Hardcastle tell his wife when she suggests that Tony is consumptive.
(a) Yes, if growing fat is one of the symptoms.
(b) No, wife, his clothes are too large for him.
(c) No, my dear, he's just in love.
(d) Yes, but he won't see a doctor.

8. What is Marlow's plan for meeting Kate Hardcastle?
(a) Pretend to be very ill.
(b) Run away before she comes down.
(c) Pretend to be a valet servant.
(d) Bow low, say yes and no, and not look at her face.

9. When Hardcastle enters the room, how does Marlow indicate he is dismissed?
(a) By saying he will call if he needs anything.
(b) By asking him to go look after their horses.
(c) By giving him their breakfast order.
(d) By turning to Hastings and ignoring Hardcastle.

10. When Mrs. Hardcastle tries to get Tony to say home one night, where is he planning to go?
(a) The Cock and Bull pub.
(b) To church.
(c) The Three Pigeons pub.
(d) The theater.

11. What does Tony volunteer to do as Marlow and Hastings head out the door of the Three Pigeons?
(a) He tips his hat and wishes them well.
(b) He offers to go out and point the way.
(c) He tries hard to contain his laughter.
(d) He kicks the landlord of the pub under the table.

12. What is Tony's composition he leads at the Three Pigeons?
(a) A raunchy limerick.
(b) A drinking song.
(c) An epic poem.
(d) A pledge of allegiance.

13. What does Mr. Hardcastle expect from Diggory who was brought into the house from his work in the barn?
(a) To act as doorman.
(b) To dance and entertain the guests.
(c) To make a show at the side table.
(d) To perform the duties of butler.

14. What does Mr. Hardcastle say the neighbors bring back from their trips to town?
(a) Things for which they have no use.
(b) Vanity and affectation.
(c) Bills and bad dispositions.
(d) Useless furniture and ugly paintings.

15. When Marlow and Hastings enter the Three Pigeons, Marlow is complaining about the distance they came. What does Hastings say?
(a) It was because he forgot his top hat and had to go back for it.
(b) It was because they had no roadmap to the Hardcastle estate.
(c) It was because a wheel broke on the carriage and they had to haul it to London.
(d) It was because he would not stop and ask directions.

Short Answer Questions

1. How interested is Hardcastle in politics?

2. What does Hastings say about Marlow in the company of women of reputation?

3. What comment does Mr. Hardcastle make to his daughter, Kate, seeing her dressed in the latest fashion.

4. What happens when Hardcastle asks the servants about serving wine?

5. Why does Constance not believe that Mrs. Hardcastle has lost her jewels?

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