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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Diggory say will be difficult for him?
(a) To walk without tripping over his feet.
(b) To speak in a refined manner.
(c) To see people eating at the table and not be able to eat himself.
(d) To keep his hands off the sherry.

2. Hardcastle does not recognize the insults at first and attempts to do what?
(a) Order Marlow and Hastings to sit down.
(b) Get them to sit at a table.
(c) Enter into a conversation with Marlow and Hastings.
(d) Advise them about their dress.

3. When does Mrs. Hardcastle insist will be the time for Constance to wear jewels?
(a) They are for looking at and not for wearing.
(b) Only when she has paste copies of them.
(c) When she is in her forties and her beauty needs repairing.
(d) Only when she's presented at court.

4. What is Mr. Hardcastle's response to Mrs. Hardcastle's complaining that he only likes old things.
(a) He says she thinks anything bought last month is old.
(b) He says she knows he just bought a new horse.
(c) He says she will have to own that he is pretty fond of an old wife.
(d) He says she just does not know the value of antiques.

5. What does Mr. Hardcastle expect from Diggory who was brought into the house from his work in the barn?
(a) To act as doorman.
(b) To make a show at the side table.
(c) To perform the duties of butler.
(d) To dance and entertain the guests.

6. What does Tony do when he discovers that Marlow and Hastings are hopelessly lost?
(a) He tells them no one in those parts know a Mr. Hardcastle.
(b) He gives them long, complicated directions to Hardcastle mansion.
(c) He sends them headed back toward London.
(d) He offers to go with them to show the way.

7. What is Tony's reply when Hastings asks how he managed to get the jewels?
(a) I told her I would keep them in my vault.
(b) Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no fibs.
(c) I said if she gave me the jewels I'd marry Constance.
(d) I told her you and Constance wer trying to find them and I should hide them for her.

8. When Marlow and Hastings enter the Three Pigeons, Marlow is complaining about the distance they came. What does Hastings say?
(a) It was because he would not stop and ask directions.
(b) It was because he forgot his top hat and had to go back for it.
(c) It was because a wheel broke on the carriage and they had to haul it to London.
(d) It was because they had no roadmap to the Hardcastle estate.

9. What dichotomy does Marlow bewail?
(a) You cannot pay upper class women the same as you do the lower class.
(b) Lower class women do not expect marriage like the upper class.
(c) An impudent man may fake modesty, but a modest man cannot fake impudence.
(d) Low class women are not bound by the reserve of upper class women.

10. Giving up on following Tony's directions, what does Marlow do?
(a) He asks the landlord for a room for the night.
(b) He says they can sleep in the carriage.
(c) He tells Hastings that this is why he never stopped to ask directions.
(d) He suggests they return to London.

11. What argument does the subject of age bring up between the Hardcastles?
(a) Mrs. Hardcastle's age.
(b) The holes in the carpet.
(c) The leaks in the roof.
(d) How long they have had the same furniture.

12. As the play opens, who are the two characters who enter from the right?
(a) Kate and Marlow
(b) Mr. and Mrs. Hardcastle
(c) The maid and Mrs. Hardcastle
(d) Marlow and Hastings

13. When Kate agrees to accept the young man if he asks for her hand, how does her father tease her?
(a) He says that the young man might be mentally retarded.
(b) He says that the young man may be deformed in some way.
(c) He says that it's more than an even wager that he won't have her.
(d) He says that as her father he might not give his consent.

14. What does Mr. Hardcastle say the neighbors bring back from their trips to town?
(a) Bills and bad dispositions.
(b) Vanity and affectation.
(c) Useless furniture and ugly paintings.
(d) Things for which they have no use.

15. What is so amusing about the way Kate and her father describe Marlow?
(a) They agree completely about Marlow.
(b) They are not listening to each other.
(c) It sounds as though they are not talking about the same man.
(d) They can hardly contain their laughter at the man.

Short Answer Questions

1. Seeing the good furniture, what does Hasting fear?

2. What sort of sales pitch does Mr. Hardcastle make to his daughter?

3. What is Mrs. Hardcastle's state of mind when she returns to the living room?

4. How is Mr. Hardcastle astonished by Kate's conversation?

5. As soon as Hardcastle is out of sight, what do the servants begin saying?

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