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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Tony suddenly brave enough to play a prank on Hardcastle and his guests.
(a) He is leaving for Europe soon.
(b) He has grown much larger than Hardcastle.
(c) His mother will defend him.
(d) He is soon to come into his inheritance.

2. What does Hastings say about Marlow in the company of women of reputation?
(a) He gets grand and ignores the women.
(b) He puts on airs that the women can see right through.
(c) He is a trembler looking like he wants to steal out of the room.
(d) He turns red and cannot speak.

3. What has Kate promised her father about her dress in the evenings?
(a) That she will wear a dancing costume in the evenings.
(b) That she will not wear jewelry in the evenings.
(c) That she will wear simply country housewife clothes.
(d) That she will only dress up in the evenings.

4. What does Mr. Hardcastle call his home?
(a) Hardcastle Castle.
(b) Inn and Out.
(c) Upson Downs.
(d) Liberty Hall.

5. What does Tony volunteer to do as Marlow and Hastings head out the door of the Three Pigeons?
(a) He tips his hat and wishes them well.
(b) He tries hard to contain his laughter.
(c) He offers to go out and point the way.
(d) He kicks the landlord of the pub under the table.

6. What does Mr. Hardcastle tell his wife when she suggests that Tony is consumptive.
(a) No, my dear, he's just in love.
(b) No, wife, his clothes are too large for him.
(c) Yes, if growing fat is one of the symptoms.
(d) Yes, but he won't see a doctor.

7. What names has Mr. Hardcastle been calling Tony for almost a year?
(a) Whelp and hound.
(b) Fat and sassy.
(c) Pigeon lover and turkey neck.
(d) Dumb and dirty.

8. Seeing the good furniture, what does Hasting fear?
(a) That it is an antique shop.
(b) That this might not be an inn after all.
(c) That they will be overcharged for their stay.
(d) That the beds will be hard and uncomfortable.

9. Hardcastle is stunned by their rudeness but offers what service?
(a) To let them go to the kitchen and prepare their own supper.
(b) To send out for their supper.
(c) To alter anything on the menu.
(d) To feed them only bread and water.

10. What does Mr. Hardcastle say the neighbors bring back from their trips to town?
(a) Things for which they have no use.
(b) Bills and bad dispositions.
(c) Vanity and affectation.
(d) Useless furniture and ugly paintings.

11. What is Marlow's experience with proper young ladies?
(a) A lot of experience that always ends badly.
(b) Hardly no experience with ladies of the upper class.
(c) Only experience with his cousins.
(d) None whatsoever because he has been in all-boy schools.

12. Before offering to give directions to Marlow and Hastings, what does Tony want to know?
(a) If they have an invitation to the Hardcastle mansion.
(b) If they have servants traveling with them.
(c) If they know where they are and how they got there.
(d) If they need to see Hardcastle right away.

13. What does Tony do when he discovers that Marlow and Hastings are hopelessly lost?
(a) He tells them no one in those parts know a Mr. Hardcastle.
(b) He sends them headed back toward London.
(c) He gives them long, complicated directions to Hardcastle mansion.
(d) He offers to go with them to show the way.

14. What do Hastings and Marlow believe?
(a) That they might stay over one more night.
(b) That they must get away from Hardcastle.
(c) That Hardcastle can tell them which way to go to find Kate.
(d) That what Tony told them about the innkeeper is true.

15. What is Hardcastle's reaction when Kate enters the room?
(a) That she must leave at once and go to London.
(b) He is pleased with the modesty of her dress as they had agreed.
(c) That she will hate him for recommending Marlow to her.
(d) That she must stay in her room until Marlow departs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What comment does Mr. Hardcastle make to his daughter, Kate, seeing her dressed in the latest fashion.

2. What hinders Marlow from seeking a wife?

3. What is Tony's one word admonition to the landlord of the pub?

4. Anxious to be off, what does Marlow ask Tony?

5. How is the scene in the Three Pigeons a satire on sentimental comedy?

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