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Build a Model Theater

Using light-weight materials, create a model of an 18th century theater and the sets that would have been used for SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER.

Make a Bulletin Board Costume Display

On the Internet there are several sources for period costumes. Assign different students to locate and print pictures of these costumes. Remember to show two different costumes for Kate, Marlow, and Hastings.

Perform a Short Play

Taking one act of SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER, select actors from the class and put on a one-act play. If period costumes are available, include them in your production.

Truth or Not?

Prepare ahead of time on individual slips of paper true statements and false statements. The statements should be about obscure people, places, or situations so that they will not be generally known if the statements are true or false. There should be more true statements than...

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