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Gordon S. Wood
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Short Answer Questions

1. In colonial America, who was rescued from poverty as a fourteen-year-old boy, only to become one of Virginia's most distinguished leaders?

2. How could a person be mobile in colonial society?

3. What did classical republican ideals lay the foundation for?

4. What percentage of northern colonists were aristocrats?

5. Where was Ben Franklin quartered when he sailed to England in 1724?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did the British conquest of the French in 1759 and the subsequent peace in 1763 do to colonial expansion?

2. How was the term 'gentleman' redefined in the 16th century?

3. What characterized colonial American tenantry?

4. What happened in literature following Britain's Glorious Revolution of 1688?

5. Give examples of the patronage Ben Franklin practiced when he became Deputy Postmaster General of North America.

6. Why did colonists so eagerly desire titles or distinctions?

7. How was family defined in colonial America?

8. How was republicanism defined at the time of the American Revolution?

9. How did wealthy commoners in the colonies try to gain status as gentlemen?

10. What did John Locke write about child rearing?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How did the republicanism of the English constitution make the English monarchy unique among the other European monarchies and hold both monarchical and republican values together in the English culture?

Essay Topic 2

Thomas Hutchinson, a colonial magistrate and the royal governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony during the Boston Tea Party, was one of the most learned and refined men in all of North America. By the early 1770s he was thoroughly hated by the colonists. Explain his colonial history until just before the Revolution and enumerate the reasons he was so hated and his reactions to those who hated him.

Essay Topic 3

By the early 19th century, how were the productive classes, those people working in a useful occupation, looked upon? How was the definition of work changed from the beginning of the 18th century? What virtue did work now imply?

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