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Gordon S. Wood
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Short Answer Questions

1. From which business did Ben Franklin eventually retire?

2. How did colonial gentry demonstrate virtue?

3. Who wrote the "Spirit of Laws" in 1748?

4. What did Ben Franklin say about government?

5. What did Republicans hold as extremely important?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the difference between morality under a republic rather than a monarchy?

2. What did the British conquest of the French in 1759 and the subsequent peace in 1763 do to colonial expansion?

3. How had the definition of aristocracy in colonial America changed by the 18th century?

4. How did Bernard Mandeville and David Hume feel about the common people buying luxuries?

5. What were the distinctions between colonial American aristocracy and British aristocracy?

6. What did John Locke write about child rearing?

7. How was patriarchy within the colonial family unit challenged during the 18th century?

8. In colonial America, what was an entailed estate?

9. How did wealthy commoners in the colonies try to gain status as gentlemen?

10. Why was the family household in colonial America the place where most work was done?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the life and leisure of the aristocracy to the life and labor of the common people in colonial America before the revolution.

Essay Topic 2

Contrast American competition for public office with that kind of competition in England. What about the new American government led to the differences? How did political parties exacerbate the competition? How did politicians' ultimate view of office differ from the British view of office?

Essay Topic 3

How was James Guild's rise from humble origins to respectability typical of the American dream? What were the steps of his journey and how did they typify the hopes of other humbly born Americans?

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