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Gordon S. Wood
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who wrote the "Spirit of Laws" in 1748?

2. What kinds of laws were proposed in colonial America to curb spending?

3. During the war against France, what did farmers buy after they sold their surplus to the British troops?

4. What were those who opposed the Anglican church called?

5. In colonial America, why did officer holders receive honors and titles?

Short Essay Questions

1. How was patriarchy within the colonial family unit challenged during the 18th century?

2. Describe the different categories of merchants in colonial America.

3. What happened in literature following Britain's Glorious Revolution of 1688?

4. Give examples of the patronage Ben Franklin practiced when he became Deputy Postmaster General of North America.

5. How did colonial imports of British goods change the twenty-five years before the Revolution?

6. How was republicanism defined at the time of the American Revolution?

7. In colonial America, what was an entailed estate?

8. In times of war, how were aristocratic soldiers treated differently than common soldiers?

9. What were the distinctions between colonial American aristocracy and British aristocracy?

10. What was characteristic of economic exchanges in colonial America?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How was the paternal, face-to-face nature of early colonial American society demonstrated by Henry Laurens' acts during the Stamp Act riot in 1765? What specifically did he do and what was the reaction of the rioters? How did the outcome reveal the intact hierarchical structure?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast the vertical structure of society under the monarchy to the envisioned horizontal structure that would result from the revolution.

Essay Topic 3

At the beginning of the 19th century, what massive economic changes took place that affected the mind and character of Americans? Include technology, transportation, and commerce in your explanation.

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