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Gordon S. Wood
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Short Answer Questions

1. In the American colonies, what was the euphemistic name for every kind of personal connection, even if inherently unequal?

2. How did colonial gentry demonstrate virtue?

3. What spending trend in colonial America did social conservatives condemn?

4. What would eventually secure the people's right to participate in government?

5. In colonial America, a person who didn't have to work for a living still held what responsibility?

Short Essay Questions

1. Give examples of the patronage Ben Franklin practiced when he became Deputy Postmaster General of North America.

2. Why was traditional hierarchical authority brought to question throughout the 18th century?

3. Describe the different categories of merchants in colonial America.

4. How was family defined in colonial America?

5. How did wealthy commoners in the colonies try to gain status as gentlemen?

6. How was the term 'gentleman' redefined in the 16th century?

7. What was the difference between morality under a republic rather than a monarchy?

8. What was characteristic of economic exchanges in colonial America?

9. Before the revolution, what did the aristocracy think of the common people?

10. In times of war, how were aristocratic soldiers treated differently than common soldiers?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How did the republicanism of the English constitution make the English monarchy unique among the other European monarchies and hold both monarchical and republican values together in the English culture?

Essay Topic 2

How was James Guild's rise from humble origins to respectability typical of the American dream? What were the steps of his journey and how did they typify the hopes of other humbly born Americans?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the monarchical power in England's government with its power in the colonial government before the revolution.

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