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Short Answer Questions

1. What ancient example does Machiavelli use to illustrate the rise to power through criminal actions?

2. What form of government comes from a long line of ancestors?

3. How did the Romans maintain control in Capua, Carthage, and Numantia?

4. What is Machiavelli's example of rule by a sole prince?

5. Who does Machiavelli put forward as an example of a King who made all the mistakes in ruling a new territory?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Machiavelli says Cesare Borgia came to power.

2. Briefly write down how Machiavelli describes Agathocles of Sicily.

3. Describe the conditions that made it possible for Moses, Romulus, Cyrus, and Theseus to be successful in uniting their people.

4. If a hereditary prince loses his dominion in war, will he be able to regain his former position? Explain.

5. What makes the instability of the Orsini and Cologna a constant struggle.

6. What are the two types of princedoms as identified by Machiavelli?

7. How are Ecclesiastical dominions so easily maintained?

8. How does a prince maintain control inside a sieged city when the citizens see their homes and farms being burned outside the city?

9. Define the problems of a State that is ruled by a king and the nobility.

10. Tell how Machiavelli suggests it is easiest to control a conquered state.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on the subject of politicians trying to please everyone to stay in power.

Essay Topic 2

Write your opinion on the debate over whether or not religion has a place in state government. In preparation, review Chapter 11 on Ecclesiastical Princedoms.

Essay Topic 3

Using the example of Cesare Borgia, write an essay entitled ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY.

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