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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Machiavelli say that the sultans of Turkey and Egypt had to listen more to the military than to the people?
(a) The people did not understand the threats of invasion.
(b) All the men were drafted into the military.
(c) The best people were in their militaries.
(d) Their countries were controlled by the military.

2. What does Machiavelli say is the first requirement of a commander?
(a) Making constant changes in his miliary command.
(b) Making sure he has the money to pay his mercenaries.
(c) Knowing how to locate the enemy, deploy his soldiers, and lay siege to a city.
(d) Frequently reviewing his troops.

3. Why does Machiavelli insist that a prince need not always be honest?
(a) Because an honest prince cannot be cruel at the same time.
(b) Because he needs to change the circumstances.
(c) Because men are not basically good by nature.
(d) Because he cannot remember everything he said in the past.

4. What Roman Emperor does Machiavelli cite as an example of being both a lion and a fox?
(a) Septimius Severus.
(b) Antonius Severus.
(c) Marc Anthony.
(d) Julius Caesar.

5. What is the advantage of taking sides when both warring factions are weaker than the prince?
(a) He will get money from the side he chooses.
(b) He can take over both principalities after the war is over.
(c) He could become a prisoner if he does not.
(d) He eliminates one and gains the obligation of the other.

Short Answer Questions

1. What message does a prince give his subjects if he builds a fortress for himself?

2. A prince who has acquired a new dominion added to his own should disarm the conquered people. Why?

3. Who can successfully gain the reputation for generosity but not ruin himself in the process?

4. Which examples does Machiavelli use to support the idea of not being overly generous?

5. When rule by law is ineffective, what does Machiavelli advise the prince to use?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Machiavelli maintain that it is not possible for a prince to embody only good qualities?

2. Why does Machiavelli caution against disarming the people of a conquered principality?

3. Explain how Machiavelli sees Utopian ideas of principalities and republics.

4. What does Machiavelli say is the first estimate of a prince as a ruler? Why?

5. Explain how Machiavelli sees the weakness of using auxiliary forces as a military for a princedom.

6. How does Machiavelli say a prince should be like a fox and a lion?

7. Outline Machiavelli's position of honesty in a prince.

8. Explain Machiavelli's views on rewards and punishments.

9. When there is peace outside the principality, what does Machiavelli caution against?

10. Detail how Machiavelli says Italian princes lose their dominions.

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