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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What dichotomy does Machiavelli present regarding goodness and vices in a prince?
(a) People see goodness as weakness and vices as strengths.
(b) Goodness will preserve his princedom while vices will bring his downfall.
(c) Vices can be balanced out by the amount of fear they generate.
(d) His goodness may lead to his downfall whereas his vices may sometimes keep him safe.

2. Why does Machiavelli insist that a prince need not always be honest?
(a) Because an honest prince cannot be cruel at the same time.
(b) Because men are not basically good by nature.
(c) Because he needs to change the circumstances.
(d) Because he cannot remember everything he said in the past.

3. What does Machiavelli suggest is the surest way to govern a conquered territory?
(a) Destroy its civil and political systems first.
(b) Start paying higher salaries to bureaucrats.
(c) Keep the old system in place.
(d) Declare many holidays.

4. How does Machiavelli say that those who help a prince obtain a new princedom may turn against him?
(a) By deciding that they do not need the prince.
(b) By going elsewhere to fight new battles.
(c) By becoming jealous of his new power.
(d) By not receiving what was promised to them.

5. What is the advantage of the prince selected by the people?
(a) He will have their support because all they want is not to be oppresed.
(b) The nobles will always see this as a good sign and cooperate with the prince.
(c) He will be unable to ignore the wishes of the nobles.
(d) The people will see the prince change them in many ways.

Short Answer Questions

1. If a city is well fortified against attack, what will cause the enemy to retreat?

2. Why does Machiavelli argue against a prince being overly generous?

3. What is Machiavelli removing from the political thinking during a time when the Roman Catholic Church was still appointing Emperors?

4. How does Machiavelli think New Dominions were formed?

5. What is more effective than honesty in a prince?

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