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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What in Machiavelli's opinion is the problem with a prince being too liberal with his subjects?
(a) People will not take him seriously when he has a problem.
(b) He will not have time to enjoy his own life.
(c) Everyone will always fear him because he might take away his liberality.
(d) Eventually his liberality will lead to burdensome taxation.

2. Machiavelli says that tensions between the nobles and commoners may result in a principality, a republic, or what other condition?
(a) Indifference.
(b) Heavy taxation.
(c) Anarchy.
(d) Democracy.

3. What combination of circumstances does Machiavelli identify in men like Cyrus, Romulus, and Theseus?
(a) Pride and ability.
(b) Strength and fortitude.
(c) Opportunity and merit.
(d) Time and location.

4. What does Machiavelli see as an inevitable result of changes in government?
(a) Pleasure of the subjects who like to see a lot of changes.
(b) Better conditions for the subjects of a dominion.
(c) Growth of the dominion by annexation.
(d) A dovetailing of more and more change.

5. What, according to Machiavelli, will always make a prince's position insecure?
(a) Failure to spend the money for a mercenary military.
(b) Being in control of the military.
(c) Relying on mercenary or auxiliary military forces.
(d) Putting too much emphasis on military rule.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Machiavelli say a hereditary prince is usually more loved by his subjects?

2. Machiavelli gives the example of how Cesare Borgia used Minister Remiro d'Orco in his plan to rule Romagna. After d'Orco brought the territory under control, what does Machiavelli say Cesare Borgia did to get the loyalty of the people?

3. After gaining dominions by merit, how does Machiavelli say a prince can hold his new territories?

4. What type of principality does Machiavelli claim may be kept without talent or fortune?

5. Why should a prince declare himself as for or against two warring factions?

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