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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What were the results of Sparta setting up oligarchies in Athens and Thebes after they conquered them?
(a) They held them for a thousand years.
(b) They changed their own forms of government.
(c) They lost the new territories.
(d) They learned how to retain a possession.

2. What does Machiavelli see as the problem with barons?
(a) Barons are known for being cruel and causing trouble.
(b) The people do not understand the difference between a prince and a baron.
(c) The people tend to give more aligeance to the barrons than to the prince.
(d) Barons can do only what the prince orders.

3. What is Machiavelli's example of rule by a sole prince?
(a) The Kingdom of Spain.
(b) The Turk empire.
(c) The Holy Roman Empire.
(d) The Kingdom of France.

4. Aside from humble beginnings, what does Machiavelli say that Agathocles and Oliverotto have in common?
(a) They knew what they wanted and made a plan to get it.
(b) They got their positions from other princes.
(c) They refused to resort to political assassination.
(d) They were both Italians.

5. What is the advantage of the prince selected by the people?
(a) The people will see the prince change them in many ways.
(b) He will have their support because all they want is not to be oppresed.
(c) He will be unable to ignore the wishes of the nobles.
(d) The nobles will always see this as a good sign and cooperate with the prince.

Short Answer Questions

1. Does Machiavelli suggest that rising to power through cruelty is always wrong?

2. What powerful force does Machiavelli say can efface innovations in government?

3. Citing Moses, Cyrus, Romulus, and Theseus, what distinction does Machiavelli make about Moses?

4. What example does Machiavelli give of a conquered territory rebelling against 100 years of servitude?

5. In the event that the prince cannot afford a large army, what should he do?

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