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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In THE PRINCE, why does Machiavelli deal only with dominions and not republics?
(a) There were no republics in his day.
(b) He wrote about republics in another work.
(c) He thought dominions were much harder to keep.
(d) Dominions are much larger than republics.

2. How does Machiavelli describe the temper (mindset) of the public?
(a) Easily maintained.
(b) Careless.
(c) Fickle.
(d) Ignorant.

3. What was the motivation for Machiavelli to write THE PRINCE?
(a) He wanted to start a revolution.
(b) He wanted Prince Lorenzo de Medici to employ him.
(c) He wanted to become a prince.
(d) He wanted to become a famous author.

4. Does Machiavelli suggest that rising to power through cruelty is always wrong?
(a) He suggests that there is a proper use of cruelty.
(b) He says any use of cruelty cannot be justified.
(c) He states that political assassination is not cruelty.
(d) He believes that cruelty must continue to be successful.

5. Cesare Borgia was helped in his drive for power by his father. Who was he?
(a) The military head of the Orsini.
(b) King Luis XII of France.
(c) Pope Alexander IV.
(d) Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Machiavelli insist that hereditary princedoms are more easily maintained?

2. How does Machiavelli think New Dominions were formed?

3. What does Machiavelli say a new prince must do quickly after gaining a new dominion?

4. What is the Renaissance Italian's view of political misfortune?

5. What is Machiavelli removing from the political thinking during a time when the Roman Catholic Church was still appointing Emperors?

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