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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it that Machiavelli prizes most of his possessions?
(a) Gold and precious gems.
(b) Fine fabrics.
(c) His knowledge of the actions of great men.
(d) Horses and armor.

2. What form of government comes from a long line of ancestors?
(a) New princedoms.
(b) Princedoms formed by warring factions.
(c) A hereditary princedom.
(d) An elected dynasty.

3. What example does Machiavelli cite as a wholly new princedom?
(a) Milan under Francesco Sforza.
(b) The Kingdom of Spain.
(c) The new Kingdom of Naples.
(d) Venice under the Doge.

4. What advantage does Machiavelli point out for Princes who rule hereditary dominions?
(a) It is impossible for him to lose his dominion.
(b) People are accustomed to rule by that family.
(c) He can get away with having more vices.
(d) The Prince who inherited his donimion can disband his army.

5. In acquiring a new dominion, if the prince does not use the force of his own arms, what alternative does Machiavelli suggest?
(a) Appeals to the Pope of Rome.
(b) Free elections.
(c) Political intrigue.
(d) The arms of others.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the two types of government identified by Machiavelli?

2. What does Machiavelli suggest makes for peace in a dominion?

3. What is the Renaissance Italian's view of political misfortune?

4. What themes does Machiavelli introduce in Chapter One?

5. What was the motivation for Machiavelli to write THE PRINCE?

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