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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In acquiring a new dominion, if the prince does not use the force of his own arms, what alternative does Machiavelli suggest?
(a) Political intrigue.
(b) Appeals to the Pope of Rome.
(c) Free elections.
(d) The arms of others.

2. What was Cesare Borgia's greatest mistake according to Machiavelli?
(a) Failure to get medical attention soon enough.
(b) Helping the Spanish cardinals elect a Spanish Pope.
(c) Distancing himself from the French court.
(d) Allowing the election of Pope Julius II.

3. What does Machiavelli suggest is the best fortress for a prince?
(a) Military barracks surrounding his palace.
(b) A palace in the center of the city.
(c) A palace surrounded by a wide moat.
(d) Favorable public opinion.

4. What is the irony of the death of Oliverotto of Fermo who came to power by assembling all the leaders for a dinner and then killing them all?
(a) He was accidentally killed by a poorly aimed arrow.
(b) A son of one of the murdered men put poison in his wine.
(c) He died of natural causes before he could become Prince of Fermo.
(d) Cesare Borgia did the same thing to him.

5. What is it that a prince cannot control among his subjects?
(a) Their love.
(b) Their taxation.
(c) Their cooperation.
(d) Their fear.

Short Answer Questions

1. What form of government comes from a long line of ancestors?

2. What are the two types of government identified by Machiavelli?

3. Why does Machiavelli say a hereditary prince is usually more loved by his subjects?

4. What is the best type of mind Machiavelli says is needed for a strong prince?

5. One Princedom, according to Machiavelli, is ruled by a sole prince; the other is by a prince and his barons. What does Machiavelli see as a weakness of the latter?

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