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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Machiavelli suggest makes for peace in a dominion?
(a) Each day being the same as the day before.
(b) A Prince who knows how to keep the people in line by force.
(c) A Prince who knows how to hide his bad habits.
(d) A brilliant and vocal Prince.

2. Before Pope Alexander VI, what prevented the Church from gaining even more power?
(a) The separation of Church and State.
(b) The threat of invasion by France.
(c) The commercial power of the Venetians.
(d) Wars fought between the Colonna, the Orsini and the Pope.

3. What is the irony of the death of Oliverotto of Fermo who came to power by assembling all the leaders for a dinner and then killing them all?
(a) Cesare Borgia did the same thing to him.
(b) He was accidentally killed by a poorly aimed arrow.
(c) A son of one of the murdered men put poison in his wine.
(d) He died of natural causes before he could become Prince of Fermo.

4. What does Machiavelli say will be an advantage to a prince who lost his dominion by force of arms?
(a) The sympathy of the surrounding dominions.
(b) The tendency of new governments to rely heavily on hereditary princes.
(c) The money he was able to stash away before being invaded.
(d) A mishap on the part of the new government.

5. What were the results of Sparta setting up oligarchies in Athens and Thebes after they conquered them?
(a) They changed their own forms of government.
(b) They held them for a thousand years.
(c) They learned how to retain a possession.
(d) They lost the new territories.

Short Answer Questions

1. In THE PRINCE, why does Machiavelli deal only with dominions and not republics?

2. Why is setting up a system of government using conquered citizens effective?

3. What example does Machiavelli give of a prince who regained power after the opposition of the Venetians and Pope Julius?

4. What does Machiavelli insist about a Prince who lost his dominion by force?

5. What does Machiavelli see as an inevitable result of changes in government?

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