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The Apartment in New York City

This is the home of the main character and his family in his early life.

The House in New Jersey

This is the home to which the main character and his family move when he is a teenager, and this is in the heart of a crowded, thriving Jewish community.

The Boston and Northeastern Life Insurance Company

This is the company the main character's father works for.

The Bathroom

This is the setting for many of the main character's most intense experiences: his desperation-fueled masturbating and his pity-fueled encounters with his father's chronic constipation.

Bar Mitzvah

This is a centuries old Jewish coming of age ritual for young men.

Alex's Penis

This is the focus of the main character's sexual obsession. In his adolescence he believes he has given himself cancer from manipulating it, although it is only in fact a freckle...

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