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Write a Diagnosis

Ask students to take on the role of Dr. Spielvogel and write a diagnosis of the patient. What would they suggest as treatment for Alex's neurosis?

Write Another Character's Perspective

Taking one of the other characters in the novel; e.g. The Monkey, the narrator's mother, etc, rewrite the events of one story the narrator relates from this perspective. How does this reflect the truth of the protagonist?

Dr. Phil Visits Portnoy

Take a jump through time from 1969 to today. Rather than sitting on Dr. Spielvogel's couch, imagine the protagonist on the Dr. Phil Show. How would Dr. Phil respond to the narrator? Write this response down in "Dr. Phil terms."

Watch the Movie

In the early 1970s there was a movie adaptation made of Portnoy's Complaint. Allow the class to watch segments of this film and compare the film version to the novel. How...

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