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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does King say about adverbs?
(a) To limit their use.
(b) To include them when characters are being emotional.
(c) To use them to intensify meaning.
(d) To use colorful adverbs to make the writing more vivid.

2. Why does King emphasize the importance of reading?
(a) He believes a writer learns his craft from reading.
(b) He thinks that writers need to see what other writers are writing about.
(c) He feels that writers need to widen their horizons.
(d) He wants writers to appreciate different styles of writing.

3. How does King define vocabulary?
(a) An essential tool for good writing.
(b) A knowledge of words used by different people that you are going to write about.
(c) The sum of the words you know.
(d) Good words and knowledge of how to use them.

4. With respect to vocabulary, King states that __________ does not matter:
(a) The extent of a writer's vocabulary.
(b) The cleverness of a writer's vocabulary.
(c) Whether a writer's vocabulary is highly educated or simple.
(d) The beauty of a writer's vocabulary.

5. What is unusual about the character Annie Wilkes?
(a) She maintains her good qualities while committing her sins.
(b) She is a psychopath with redeeming qualities.
(c) She is a good person doing evil deeds.
(d) Her prisoner finds her sympathetic.

6. King claims __________ is the second most important tool in a writer's toolbox.
(a) Grammar.
(b) Beauty of expression.
(c) Theme.
(d) A good plot.

7. What activity might cause King to work on days he normally doesn't work?
(a) Having a writer's block and not producing his usual amount of words previously.
(b) Being sick on days previous to the holiday.
(c) Having a deadline to meet.
(d) Being in the middle of a new novel.

8. What does King's uncle take with him when he works?
(a) Only a couple of his favorite tools.
(b) Usually his screwdriver, a hammer, a few nails and screws.
(c) His entire toolbox.
(d) The specific tools needed for the job.

9. What book does King recommend for grammar study?
(a) Any good high school grammar text.
(b) Prentice-Hall Handbook of Grammar.
(c) Betty Azar's Understanding and Using English Grammar.
(d) Strunk and White's Elements of Style.

10. What kind of verbs does King recommend be used when writing?
(a) Verbs of vivid action.
(b) Verbs in the active voice, present tense.
(c) Verbs in the active voice.
(d) Verbs in the passive voice, past tense.

11. How could the object King's uncle inherits be described?
(a) Large and hard to carry around.
(b) Large and open.
(c) Big but light.
(d) Small and light.

12. There is an old adage in writing: write what you know. How does King feel about this?
(a) He suggests writers research questions they are interested in and then write about them.
(b) He urges writers to ignore this advice and write what they think is important and of value.
(c) He hopes that writers will experiment and not be limited by this statement.
(d) He believes that writers should follow this advice, but not in a literal way.

13. According to King, which element of a novel is less important than aspiring writers might believe?
(a) Characterization.
(b) Dialogue.
(c) Plot.
(d) Theme.

14. In addition to comments on paragraphs, King mentions one other feature of the page. What is it?
(a) How one physical paragraph relates to the others.
(b) The amount of white space on a page.
(c) How the type looks on the page.
(d) The borders of the page.

15. Why does King take this position on adverbs?
(a) He feels adverbs are a crutch for the writer.
(b) He wants to limit the words in his books.
(c) He believes that by using adverbs, a writer won't stretch his imagination.
(d) He feels adverbs do the thinking for the reader.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which genre does King feel Misery will belong to when he begins to write the story?

2. From King's statements, what element should be used to illustrate a character?

3. According to King, what is the most important tool for a writer?

4. What is King's most important injunction to writers?

5. What kind of material should a writer read in order to learn the most from his reading?

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