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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. There is an old adage in writing: write what you know. How does King feel about this?
(a) He believes that writers should follow this advice, but not in a literal way.
(b) He urges writers to ignore this advice and write what they think is important and of value.
(c) He suggests writers research questions they are interested in and then write about them.
(d) He hopes that writers will experiment and not be limited by this statement.

2. How does King use this advice from his uncle?
(a) He always takes all his tools when he has to fix something.
(b) He applies it to his writing.
(c) He buys new tools every time he receives a check for his work.
(d) He falls in love with tools and creates his own toolbox for chores around the house.

3. When does King hold himself to the minimum number of words per day?
(a) While he is revising his work.
(b) When working under a deadline.
(c) During a period of writer's block.
(d) While writing the first draft of all his novels.

4. On certain occasions, King believes that grammar rules _________ .
(a) Can be explained casually to the reader.
(b) Can be ignored.
(c) Should be discussed between characters.
(d) May be played with.

5. What does King feel he will accomplish with his technique regarding description?
(a) He is leaving some things to the reader's imagination.
(b) He believes that a reader is unimpressed by description.
(c) He doesn not want the reader to become an active participant in the creative process.
(d) He urges the writer to work more on his dialogues.

6. What book does King recommend for grammar study?
(a) Prentice-Hall Handbook of Grammar.
(b) Any good high school grammar text.
(c) Strunk and White's Elements of Style.
(d) Betty Azar's Understanding and Using English Grammar.

7. However, King does believe _______ to be essential to a writer's vocabulary.
(a) Cleverness.
(b) Beauty.
(c) Honesty.
(d) Wisdom.

8. What advice does King give on paragraphs?
(a) King believes paragraphs should not vary in length.
(b) King wants writers to see their paragraphs as a graphic picture on a page.
(c) King feels paragraphs should have a standard length of 8 to 10 lines.
(d) To pay attention to the length and number of paragraphs.

9. From King's statements, what element should be used to illustrate a character?
(a) Their speech.
(b) Their thoughts.
(c) Their typical, everyday dress.
(d) Their mannerisms.

10. What does King consider to be a writer's practice?
(a) Any kind of writing.
(b) Reading.
(c) Writing exercises.
(d) Daily journal entries.

11. How does King suggest writers improve their vocabulary?
(a) By learning two or three new words per day.
(b) He doesn't believe they should strive to do so.
(c) By carrying vocabulary/definition cards with them at all times and practicing.
(d) By reading extensively.

12. According to King, grammar rules were _______________ .
(a) Made to be broken.
(b) To be followed.
(c) Convenient conventions.
(d) Necessary for communication.

13. What does King's uncle take with him when he works?
(a) His entire toolbox.
(b) The specific tools needed for the job.
(c) Only a couple of his favorite tools.
(d) Usually his screwdriver, a hammer, a few nails and screws.

14. Why does King emphasize the importance of reading?
(a) He wants writers to appreciate different styles of writing.
(b) He feels that writers need to widen their horizons.
(c) He thinks that writers need to see what other writers are writing about.
(d) He believes a writer learns his craft from reading.

15. What is King's most important injunction to writers?
(a) Writers must work every day.
(b) Writers need to have their own space.
(c) Writers should be honest.
(d) Writers must be original.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many words a day does King try to produce?

2. What does King's uncle inherit?

3. According to King, what is the most important tool for a writer?

4. According to King, what goes in the top of the writer's toolbox?

5. King claims he works on all of the following days except one. Which day does King not work?

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