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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does King use this advice from his uncle?
(a) He applies it to his writing.
(b) He buys new tools every time he receives a check for his work.
(c) He always takes all his tools when he has to fix something.
(d) He falls in love with tools and creates his own toolbox for chores around the house.

2. What is unusual about the character Annie Wilkes?
(a) She is a psychopath with redeeming qualities.
(b) She maintains her good qualities while committing her sins.
(c) Her prisoner finds her sympathetic.
(d) She is a good person doing evil deeds.

3. From King's statements, what element should be used to illustrate a character?
(a) Their speech.
(b) Their mannerisms.
(c) Their thoughts.
(d) Their typical, everyday dress.

4. What is a common characteristic of adverbs?
(a) Most adverbs end in -ed.
(b) Many adverbs end in -ly.
(c) Oftentimes adverbs end with -ier.
(d) Frequently adverbs end in -ness.

5. King claims he works on all of the following days except one. Which day does King not work?
(a) Thanksgiving Day.
(b) Easter.
(c) New Year's Day.
(d) His birthday.

6. From whom does King's uncle inherit something?
(a) From his brother.
(b) From his father, King's grandfather.
(c) From his grandfather.
(d) From his mother.

7. In conclusion, what is the chapter, Toolbox, about?
(a) King's analogy on the art of writing.
(b) King's effort to present the mechanics of writing to his readers.
(c) King's beliefs about how to become an excellent writer.
(d) King's feelings about the writing world.

8. How does King define vocabulary?
(a) The sum of the words you know.
(b) A knowledge of words used by different people that you are going to write about.
(c) Good words and knowledge of how to use them.
(d) An essential tool for good writing.

9. What does King believe about writers who are too busy to read?
(a) They are hobbyists, not passionate writers.
(b) They will be a successful writer.
(c) They are too busy to write.
(d) They will lose a good source of ideas.

10. In order to ignore a grammar rule, what does King believe must be observed?
(a) It must be done properly.
(b) A new rule must be created.
(c) An explanation must be given to the reader.
(d) Nothing.

11. When does King hold himself to the minimum number of words per day?
(a) During a period of writer's block.
(b) When working under a deadline.
(c) While he is revising his work.
(d) While writing the first draft of all his novels.

12. What does King believe is necessary to create strong characters?
(a) They should be multidimensional.
(b) They should be clearly defined but interesting.
(c) The reader should have no problem identifying the good characters from the bad ones.
(d) They should be clearly defined by their actions.

13. According to King, what should dialogue represent?
(a) Conversation between characters.
(b) Speech written as we hear it, i.e. Whatcha ya doin'?
(c) Normal speech.
(d) Dialogue should stress the best conversational ability of the characters.

14. Why does King feel that plotting out a novel is not wise?
(a) He wants his characters to be free to act.
(b) He likes for his story to develop, and then he tries to mold the plot when necessary.
(c) He believes it would be dishonest to the characters.
(d) He feels that the story creates the plot.

15. How does King feel about figures of speech?
(a) He thinks they should be used extensively.
(b) He says a writer should avoid similes and metaphors that are cliché and make little sense.
(c) He thinks that writers should use other ways of transmitting their thoughts.
(d) He says they should be avoided.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to King, what is the best technique to use with description?

2. What does King consider to be the best tool in making a writer?

3. What does King help his uncle fix as a child?

4. King gives the example of John Grisham as a writer. What does he say about Grisham?

5. However, King does believe _______ to be essential to a writer's vocabulary.

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